2644 - Die Guerillas von Terrania
The Guerrillas of Terrania
Verena Themsen

The Terrans resist the occupation of their home world. Again and again, patrolling Fagesys disappear without a trace. And the unauthorized use of a transit parquet in Terrania is determined. The High Marauder Chossom wants to execute a Terran for each missing Fagesy but Marrghiz discourages him in this and asks for patience. Fydor Riordan, a callous opportunist (and supposedly a distant descendant of Tipa Riordan), who has taken on the leadership of the TLD is to take care of the matter. However, the resistors are difficult to capture because they avoid open struggle and rely on guerrilla tactics. In addition, the various resistance cells do not know each other and act independently - in any case, nothing is known about a joint leadership

On October 12, 1469 NGE, the resistance Cell X formed in the apartment of architect Barisch Ghada, who takes the lead role. Ghada, three other men of his acquaintance and the Matten Willy Snacco get trained by the former TLS agent Sharoun Beffegor. Each of them had lost somebody when the Augurs kidnapped the children of Terra. They are now planning an assassination attempt against Fagesys. They acquire the weapons required from a friend Sharoun’s, the Topsider Chakt-Vachtor, working in Beijing as an antique dealer. On October 23rd, the time arrives. Cell X finds its way to the bridge of the hotel “Terrania Silver Bridge" in the middle of Terrania, in order to attack three armored gliders. The coup threatens to fail, when two more Fagesys unexpectedly appear. Two members of Cell X die and Sharoun is already preparing to die, but a shadowy stranger intervenes and turns the page in favor of the resistance before he disappears again.

Sharoun and her remaining companions escape with the last surviving Fagesy. He is imprisoned in Barisch's apartment and interrogated. Barisch prevents Sharoun from shooting the prisoner and is able to communicate with him. The name of the being is Oachono. From him the Terrans learn for the first time that they are considered thieves who had stolen ALLDAR’s Psi-body, and also that there are Fagesy dissatisfied with the Omnipresent Rearguard. Not all the Fagesys believe in the promise that ALLDAR will return soon. Moreover, by examining a tissue sample from Oachono, it is learned that the Fagesy may be genetically manipulated, artificial creatures.

Through his collection, Riordan picks up the track of Cell X. He is always looking for old coins, and Chakt-Vachtor is one of his suppliers. When Riordan looks at new arrivals with the Topsider, he has his assistant, Ferrone Ve Kekolor with him. The young woman is a weak telepath. She reads Chakt-Vachtor's thoughts and sees a connection to Sharoun. Riordan fears being compromised and murders the Topsider. When Sharoun finds out, she is aware that the service knows about Cell X. A member leaves the group. Sharoun and Barisch get in contact with Urs von Strattkowitz and offer to hand over Oachoni. In return, the child Dweezil Beffegor is to be released. At a second meeting the Secretary of State agrees to the exchange.

The meeting will take place on the 4th of November at the Terrania Zoo, but von Strattkowitz comes alone. It turns out that the whole thing is a trap by Riordan, and the second conversation was probably actually conducted by him. The Fagesys attack. Again, the "Shadow" appears and allows the rebels, as well as Oachono, to escape. Von Strattkowitz is killed in the firefight. This had not been planned, but Riordan is quite satisfied. The TLD chief believes that von Strattkowitz was somehow involved in the matter with the transit parquet. There is something found at the scene where the "Shadow" was lost. It is a component of a non-Terran nano-machine .

This information is kept secret by Riordan when he is called up by Marrghiz. The Sayporan says that the reformatted young people will soon return to Terra. They will form the Umbrian Council - the new government of the Terrans. Marrghiz believes that the humans will quickly give up their resistance as soon as they have a government of their own, but which will act in the interests of the Sayporans. Riordan is of a different opinion. The TLS chief has recognized that the "Shadow" is a new power in the game, whose goals are still completely unknown.

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-03-03

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