2643 - TANEDRARS Puppe
Christian Montillon

Alaska Saedelaere has heard TANEDRAR’s history and received an Escaran. Therefore he is no longer a stranger in the Empire of Harmony, but a Harmonious, is automatically trusted by the other Escaran bearers and accepted by them as a friend. Vice versa he feels mistrust towards all Unharmonious, even if they were his trusted companions before, like Carmydea Yukk. This becomes clear to the Terran when he is invited to another banquet in the DRUSALAI in which the princess doll enlivened by TANEDRAR takes part. Saedelaere knows that he is being influenced, but cannot completely defend himself against these feelings. TANEDRAR acquits Rhizinza Yukk, who has clearly recovered, of all charges against her. Carmydea brings forward that she had become unharmonious by no fault of her own and, just like the other Jyrescaboros, does not regard herself as an enemy of the empire. TANEDRAR wants to give her the opportunity to rehabilitate herself. Carmydea is to take part in an expedition led by Alaska Saedelaere into the anomaly he had already visited before. Such anomalies were observed at many locations within the four galaxies, but only one still exists because the entity SIL has stabilized it. The empire believes it will be used for an invasion. Therefore, SIL should be removed from the anomaly or be destroyed. For this purpose the RHYLINE is reequipped. Saedelaere is particularly interested in the anomaly when he finds out that it has a connection with the Polyport network. In case of a success the Terran will receive help with his search for Samburi Yura and information about Sholoubwa – in fact two "presents" left by Sholoubwa are installed in the RHYLINE. One of the two big cylinders is a solar bomb of immense destructive strength. The intended purpose of the second aggregate is not known, but as Saedelaere approaches it, the device seems to register his presence (or that of his cell activator chip). In the language of the Mighty the cylinder announces the beginning of a reconfiguration.

The RHYLINE penetrates into the anomaly. Saedelaere first inserts a stopover at the space jet B-SJ-031 which he had already discovered with his first stay in the anomaly. This time he discovers a survivor there – or at least, he succeeds in establishing radio contact with a chef named Endreas Konno. Nevertheless, the man has been dead for a long time. He alone survived the escape from the BASIS and the transfer into the anomaly because he was the only crew member in the space jet at the time caught in a sort of time field. This time field transmits radio messages from the past into the future and vice versa. Konno’s corpse lies in a cabin. He must have spent a long time alone there.

The conversation with SIL turns out to be difficult, because the entity is no longer completely sane. Although the second cylinder, which has an unknown function, activates by itself and causes great pain to SIL, the entity agrees to leave the anomaly with them. The body of the entity is anchored to the RHYLINE and transported outside where it is wrapped in a chain field for safety's sake. The solar bomb is left behind in the anomaly and explodes. As a result it breaks down.

Everyone returns to the DRUSALAI. Saedelaere receives information which should help him to find Sholoubwa, as well as his own ship: the SHEYAR. Chancellor Melwai Vedikk announces that Carmydea will now be the official mediator between TANEDRAR and the Unharmonious. She is to begin negotiations between the Jyrescaboros and TANEDRAR...

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-01-22

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