2642 - Der Maskenschöpfer
The Mask Creator
Michael Marcus Thurner

Fartokal Ladore is a mask creator. He lived more than ten thousand years ago on Lirbe, the home planet of the Lirbals. To protect against radioactive fallout and the effects of global environmental pollution, Lirbals must wear hermetically sealed clothing and masks. Ladore dies after an unpleasant encounter with a client who is a privileged nobleman, and goes to TANEDRAR. The superintelligence makes him her avatar and releases him into a new life in the following millennia with various orders. He fulfills his first mission in the identity of the inconspicuous technician Morrceta, who disempowered the nobility and led Lirbal to the stars.

After further jobs, for which he is transferred to various guest bodies, Ladore experiences the arrival of Renyi-Hemdebb, whose offer TANEDRAR accepts despite Ladore's warnings. Calmed by the beneficial forces of the Sontaron generators, which make it easier for the superintelligence to absorb the mentality of their helpers, TANEDRAR is not interested in destroying entire planets in the Empire of Harmony through the production of relief supplies for the higher powers. The empire threatens to be bled economically as Sholoubwa, who literally divides himself among the members of his Technogarden and thus can be active in many places at the same time, begins the construction of the forty-eight petals of the Time Rose. When the BOTNETZ is completed, it is transported to the controversial Cosmonucleotide TRYCLAU-3 and activated there in a protracted process. TAFALLA also goes there and Ladore accompanies him.

While there are terrible battles between cobalt blue ship ships of the Cosmocrats and units of the Terminal Column TRAITOR, TAFALLA is sucked inside the Cosmonucleotide. Nega-psiqs infect the entity and convey their gruesome insights into potential futures. TAFALLA fled and returned to TANEDRAR, but had to be expelled, as he threatened to drive his three partners into madness. The "reduced" superintelligence kills the higher powers' envoy and creates the cautionary play of the Lake of Tears as a trap for TAFALLA. Thousands of para-gifted beings remove the negative components from the entity, which is thereby weakened, but also cured. The negative components form a new entity, which is then sent away

When Ladore travels with ARDEN in 1372 NGE, there is almost an encounter with the superintelligence KASSORR, who is currently speaking with a messenger of the higher powers. ARDEN recognizes that he cannot be perceived by the other entities. This allows them to completely hide the Empire of Harmony from the rest of the universe. Nevertheless, TANEDRAR cannot control everything. Anomalies are formed and a superintelligence called QIN SHI seems to secretly seek for a foothold in the empire.

After the end of the story, which was his last assignment, Ladore finally merges with TANEDRAR for good. Then TANEDRAR tells Alaska Saedelaere that he is the perfect person to complete an assignment for her.

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-01-07

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