2641 - TANEDRARS Ankunft
Michael Marcus Thurner

While everyone in the Empire of Harmony provided with an Escaran splinter from TANEDRAR indulge in the ecstasy associated with the Arrival, Alaska Saedelaere is experiencing the original emergence of the super-intelligence in the hyperphysical chaos stricken star island.

Two hundred ninety-three years in the past the relatively new entity NETBURA dominates one of the four galaxies, which has been penetrating another for 9.8 million years. There is a conflict with the entity TAFALLA from one of the neighboring galaxies. TAFALLA’s assisting race, the insectoid Krol, are preparing to conquer NETBURA’s realm. As the entity tries to bring a huge fleet of his own principal aiding race, the Schwanta to safety, they fall into TAFALLA’s trap. The enemy entity appears with an overpowering Krol force and wants to incorporate NETBURA into himself, but then the area is shaken by tremendous space-time quakes. The opponents are separated, so NETBURA can flee and hide in a miniature universe. Both aiding races are killed during this event.

Only two hundred thousand years later NETBURA emerges from his hiding place. A researcher named Lanistar of Breugelt is there and becomes NETBURA’s avatar. The entity reinforces his contact with his aiding race by giving each individual a splinter of herself. More than ten thousand years later NETBURA first encounters two other entities from the other two neighboring galaxies: ARDEN, which sees itself as a female and DRANAT who is always ready for a bit of levity. The three entities, unlike TAFALLA, which also reappears, are peacefully inclined. A merger would be possible, but TAFALLA is reluctant. Finally, NETBURA recognizes the driving force behind the aggressive actions of his archenemy: TAFALLA is afraid.

Over time, the entities grow closer together until it in twelve thousand four hundred years ago the beings merge into a single mental being, which has the status of a superintelligence: TANEDRAR arises. At the same time, however, massive space-time quakes occur again. This event disturbs the merger, and TANEDRAR is influenced by the inner conflict of its thickness concentration. Therefore, the four components of the new superintelligence still think of themselves as independent entities. In the following millennium, the system of giving and taking between TANEDRAR and its aiding races is perfected. The superintelligence feasts on the mental energy of living beings and simultaneously controls them by the splinters. The latter happens on TAFALLA's request. A cult of personality arises around a man named Morrceta from the people of the Lirbal, leading to the general wearing of masks. The origin for this is that it was a protective mask, which the Lirbals had to wear in order to survive on their homeworld. The Empire of Harmony takes on its final form.

Eight thousand seven hundred years ago ritual of arrival and departure arises. One of the four entities is released at regular intervals from the collective to travel around the empire. Through the euphoric feelings connected with the ritual, the sense of togetherness of the aiding races is reinforced. Two thousand years later the kingdom is visited by Renyi Hemdebb, a servant of the higher powers . He knows that TANEDRAR suffers from the fragmentation of its mental substance and the ritual of arrival and departure, and has an offer to make. The one of the Four Who Are One - beginning with TAFALLA - should work on behalf of the higher powers in the multiverse. In return TANEDRAR will receive Sontaron generators from the funds of the higher powers, and Sholoubwa will install and maintain the splinter process and the separation ritual. TANEDRAR agrees to this.

TANEDRAR’s report ends with the comment that matters began deteriorate with the events related to TRYCLAU-3 …

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-12-10

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