2640 - Splitter der Superintelligenz
Splinter of the Superintelligence
Christian Montillon

Upon exiting the anomaly, the RHYLINE is surrounded by spaceships of the Kingdom of Harmony. The situation is hopeless. Alaska Saedelaere and his companions surrender. They fall into the hands of Carmydea Yukk’s twin brother Craton, who commands the huge battleship DRUSALAI. The only card up their sleeve is Eroin Blitzer, who makes himself invisible and had previously stunned Swift, so that he cannot betray him. Craton invites his prisoners to take a captain's dinner. He harbors no fraternal feelings for Carmydea. He goes there purely and simply, to extract information about the resistance movement from her. He does not shrink from torture, as he makes abundantly clear to Carmydea by applying a shocker against her while eating. Even Guard Lieutenant Pridon and Rhizinza Yukk are at his mercy. The former Duchess was being held in a Medo-tank. She is only a shadow of herself.

Since returning from the anomaly Alaska Saedelaere has repeatedly had visions, especially of a doll that embodies Princess Arden Drabbuh from the Cautionary Play. She claimed he was not in danger, and that she would meet him soon. The prisoners are taken to a Drama Theater and meet Melwai Vedikk, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Harmony. Harmony Guard Uyarı Lydspor is also present. Alaska is treated kindly because TANEDRAR’S arrival is finally imminent, and the superintelligence wants to speak with the Terran. Alaska is led through the Palace. Many living beings are present, and suddenly all of them are filled by a feeling of excitement and euphoria. People rip their clothes off, take off their masks and surrender to an orgy. Each Harmony adherent’s splinter of the superintelligence becomes visible. Alaska feels a presence - TANEDRAR has arrived.

As in his visions, one of the Princess dolls comes to life, animated by the super-intelligence. She promises Alaska that he will understand everything soon, and awards him an Escaran, even though he does not want it. Alaska is still aware of the fact that he is affected, but the feeling of an all-embracing Harmony is getting stronger. The super-intelligence begins to tell the story of its origin ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-10-31

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