264 - Die Invasion der Toten
The Invasion Of The Dead
K.H. Scheer

Rhodan decides to explore Vario, the only planet of the blue giant. But this planet is actually another trap laid out by the Masters of the Island : the Khrest III is cast 50,000 years into the past. Only a small pod is able to escape. The Khrest III is then taken to the center of Andromeda where it is sent back into the Milky Way through another giant transmitter. It arrives near Kahalo where the crew is arrested by a human-like people : the Lemurs. Pretending they are Tefrodians, Rhodan and Atlan learn that that have arrived in the middle of the war between the Haluters and the Lemurs. These Lemurs possess a huge galactic empire and came from a lost continent on the Earth : Lemuria, which was located in the Pacific ocean. They are losing the war against the Haluters, and for the past century, have been evacuating progressively the Milky Way toward Andromeda (where they are called Tefrodians). They are the creators of the transmitters, and not the Masters of the Island. Akonids and Arkonids are actually desendants from the Lemurian colonies that successfully evaded the Haluters, while the Terrans are direct descendants from the Lemurs who could survive on the Earth after the war against the Haluters. Thanks to the time transmitter, the Masters of the Island were able to create a bridge between the Lemurian's Milky Way and the present Andromeda. They have spies among the Lemurs and capture the brightest of them to send them into the present, where they are then cloned and used are officers in the Tefrodians ranks.

Striving to rejoin the present, the Terrans (pretending they are Tefrodians come back to help their Lemur brothers against the Haluters) talk the Lemurs into allowing them to land on the Earth. But the Khrest III is quickly identified by the spies from the Masters of the Island on the Earth.

Cedric Beust

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