2639 - Die grüne Sonne
The Green Sun
Hubert Hansel

Ramoz awakes, but behaves strangely. He speaks incomprehensible words and seems to recognize no one. Ennerhahl’s measurements show that the thorn growing from the eye of the former lynx like being is acting as a transmitter / receiver for pulsing hyperstructures. Ramoz suddenly speaks of a green sun, which limits the search for the possible destination or source of the Hyper-pulses. Two locations come into consideration for this. One is a sun with the expected wave spectrum. The MIKRU-JON and Ennerhahl’s light cell head there. The slower SICHOU-1 and KADURA follow behind. Mikru is fascinated by Quistus . Due to his special talents the Iothone would make a far more suitable pilot than Perry Rhodan. Ramoz, now completely regains consciousness and offers Mondra Diamond an alternative to her previous "vagabond life." Rhodan is not pleased with either.

The flight is interrupted on November 14, 1469 NGE when an emergency call is received. A Xylthe vessel of a type which has not been built anymore, according to Ennerhahl, for seven hundred to eight hundred years, is pushing inexorably into a black hole, while a Tryortan gullet in its environment too. When the MIKRU-JON approaches the ship - it is the PARTOGA, a freighter, loaded with native crystals - there is a para-reality resonance exchange along with temporal phenomena, which causes a crew member named Jeketi to keep experiencing time over and over again, as Rhodan comes on board and then disappears. The PARTOGA is pulled out of the hazardous area with tractor beams.

The MIKRU-JON and the light cell arrive at the green sun on November 17. The surrounding area seems to be completely empty, but Quistus recognizes an eighty-five million kilometer wide warping of the space-time structure. The MIKRU-JON can only penetrate this anomaly, as Rhodan and Quistus work together as pilots of the Obelisk ship at the same time. The interior of the anomaly is saturated with blue Chanda crystals. There, the visitors find thousands of spaceships of various types. Ramoz claims that this is his fleet, and points out the MIKRU-JON to a particular ship. Rhodan and Ramoz are admitted. A voice recognizes Ramoz as authorized to take command of the fleet and speaks with him.

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-10-06

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