2638 - Zielpunkt Morpheus-System
Target Morpheus System
Marc A. Herren

The fear of the Death Wrestlers of Orontes towards the World Scourge has not decreased in all the millenniums since the first disaster. Clan Mother Syb fears that the World Scourge might be lured by the presence of the Galactics. A seer states that the World Scourge has been stopped recently from refreshing itself, and now looks for new victims. Therefore, in a conversation with Mondra Diamond on the 26th of October, 1469 NGE Syb demands the departure of the Galactics. The Clan Mother grants only a short time extension for the repair of the engines of the CHISHOLM. In the interim they must search for a new shelter. While on the search, the cruiser TUBLIR observes a battle between a fleet of the Quolnäer Keretzen and the spaceships (reminiscent of a praying mantis) of the Tiradeure, a race they have not met up till now. The TUBLIR ends up between the fronts, but is able to escape. It appears that the battle is shifting steadily in the direction of the Morpheus system.

Meanwhile Mondra Diamond tries to define her new relationship with Ramoz. She puts questions about his past to the former feline being, but demands too much of Ramoz with it. He falls into a perpetual state of shock. Then the mathematician Martin Felten presents Mondra a theory that the suicide flash wave of the Quolnäer Keretzen can be absorbed by a certain kind of rock from Orontes. However, to prove this theory would require an experiment with a living representative of this people. The opportunity for this arises shortly after the return of the TUBLIR when the first ships of the two hostile fleets reach the system. Mondra, Sinaid Velderbilt and Felten stealthily approach the wreck of a ship of the Quolnäer Keretzen with the space lens ARCHIMEDES. A crew member is still alive, and the Galactic really are largely protected by the Orontes rock brought by Felten from the injurious mental impulses of the being – but not completely. A much larger amount of the rock would be necessary complete protection. The Galactics must hurry to leave the enemy ship, because its self-destruction mechanism was initiated.

After a period of time, the fighting fleets disappear by themselves – the warning which has been sent out for millenniums by a space fort in the orbit of Orontes has not lost its deterrent effect. A few days later the CHISHOLM leaves the system in peace. On the 12th of November Perry Rhodan arrives at the rendezvous point with the MIKRU-JON, the SICHOU-1 and the KADURA. Ennerhahl also appeared with the other three ships in his light cell. Mondra suddenly receives word that Ramoz has awoken. He wants to speak to Mondra immediately.

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-09-12

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