2637 - Die Informationsjäger
The Information Hunters
Arndt Ellmer

Gucky teleports on the 4th of October, 1469 NGZ with Nemo Partijan inside the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA to look for information on the location of Perry Rhodan and the status of the BASIS. On account of the para-trap installed there the Ilt can teleport only over short distances. After they paralyze some Xylthes, Gucky and Partijan find out that in the center of the shipyard there is an immense hollow cavity full of form energy clouds in which a four and a half kilometer wide black sphere floats. At the sight of the object Gucky feels reminded of a time well. The name “Place of Transformation” which was named in connection with the shipyard might in fact refer to this object. The mousebeaver decides to take under closer inspection. It appears that recently a space jet from the BASIS disappeared inside this sphere and never reappeared.

When Gucky and Partijan approach the sphere, they are subjected to various hallucinations. Partijan believes to see three objects which belong to another continuum and are connected to each other like transfer chimneys. Gucky and Partijan can free themselves from the spell of the ball only with effort and decide it is time to leave APERAS KOKKAIA. They return to MIKRU-JON on the 3rd of November; it turns out that they have lost a month due to a dilatation effect or some similar phenomena which is effective around the sphere of the black ball.

On the 5th of November Perry Rhodan arrives after a winding flight with the SICHOU-1 and the KADURA. Now all three ships begin a journey to the secret base Orontes.

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-08-31

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