2636 - Das Schema des Universums
The Pattern of the Universe
Christian Montillon

After the temporary defeat of the World Scourge Perry Rhodan wants to return with the Sichou-1 to the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA. He hopes the MIKRU-JON will be found there. But Regius has a request that the Terran cannot deny. According to the information of the Desperate Resistance, three spaceships of the Badakk are in Penkett system, which is on the way to Penkett. He wants Rhodan to find out what the Badakks - known as a race of scientists in service of QIN SHI – are looking for there. The Sichou-1 and the cone ship Kadura belonging to the resistance reach the Penkett system on November 1, 1469 NGE. Rhodan, two Xylthes and a Badakk from the resistance, along with Quistus and some combat robots fly into the system with a weapons boat from the Kadura. Rhodan poses as Reparat Danrhoper from the staff of Protector Oronak. For camouflage he leaves the mirrored helmet of his SERUN closed. As Rhodan sees what the Badakks are working on, it is not surprising that his controller had activated: In orbit of a giant planet hovers a Polyport court. However, the huge station appears to be badly damaged.

In fact, the Badakks headed by Cawo-Shumgaard and Ledrut-Strywen are investigating the court without the knowledge of their Xylthe superiors. Cawo hopes to present results soon and thereby win QIN SHI's favor for his people. That is why he has concealed the existence of the court. However, the Badakks have not yet been able to put the court in operation. When Reparat Danrhoper requires a report, Cawo fears the worst. However, he has no choice but to grant the supposed inspection team access to the court. Rhodan unwittingly confirms Cawo’s fears when he uses his controller to activate some ancillary systems of the Court and downloads data packets. He is not able to activate anything important, but Cawo is clear now that he must eliminate Danrhoper and bring the controller into his possession.

As Rhodan tries to leave the court, Cawo orders an attack on the group. Only Rhodan, Quistus and Xylthe Hisparan survive. Rhodan uses his controller to make the court reject the attached Badakk technology so that all of it on board explodes. Nevertheless, they come close to being overwhelmed, until the intervention of Ledrut, who has always disapproved of Cawo’s secret plans. He kills Cawo and asks Danrhoper for clemency. The Reparat agrees to this and leaves the court. Ledrut is very surprised when he some time later contacts Protector Oronak, who claims that there has never been a Reparat Danrhoper.

Back in the Sichou-1 Rhodan evaluates the automatically retrieved data. The defective court is named THASSADORAN-4 and was damaged back at the time when VATROX-VAMU tried to access the PARALOX ARSENAL for the first time. The Court is indeed inoperative, but it had belonged to a Distributor depot. Therefore, seven more courts must be somewhere in Chanda. Rhodan hopes to return them to the Milky Way or get reinforcements with one of them. On November 3, the Sichou-1 continues on its way to the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA...

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-08-01

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