2635 - Jagd auf Gadomenäa
Hunt on Gadomenäa
Hans Kneifel

Chourtaird informs Shamsur Routh of the fact that Anicee was among the first Terran young people whose reformatting has been completed. The young people were then taken to the planetary capital. If Routh wants to see his daughter, he must travel to Anboleis with the Onuudoy Vae-Bazent, a flying landscape, because the capital is located on a different continent. Chourtaird supplies his protégé with a protective suit and a weapon called a stimuli flooder. Routh makes his way on to the flying landscape, while it sucks off fresh water from a lake.

Vae-Bazent is a desert landscape. The Implant memo Puc locates the Regularium, a control center, which Routh must reach to ensure the course of Onuudoy. During the arduous march Routh repeatedly loses contact with Puc and suffers, as predicted by the Implant memo, increasing mental disorders. Then he saves a being called Spiegel 1113 Taomae from some Cocculares . The latter are giant bipedal crabs, while Taomae is a shapeshifter from the people of the Vae-Vaj with the basic form of a human-sized dragonfly. She accompanies Routh and gradually takes on the shape of a Terran woman. She reminds Routh of his former wife Henrike Ybarri, and the two become intimate with each other. During this time they are captives of the Cocculares. In a while, they manage to break free and take the Cocculare Pahklad hostage, who gradually gains respect for the former prisoners.

As Taomae gets closer to the Regularium, she gradually returns to her natural shape. She remembers that there is a connection between her people and the Regularium. In fact, she is recognized by the system as entitled to command it. She tells Routh of the past of her people. The Vae have shared a similar fate to the Terrans. Many young people among them were also kidnapped – Taomae’s ancestors. Anyone found to be unsuitable for the purposes of the Sayporaners, was disposed of on-Vae Bazent. As Taomae says that the Sayporaners had then taken certain organs from their victims, Routh recalls a similar scene he had observed in Hamburg. After her report, Taomae dies. The Onuudoy reaches the destination. Anboleis is a city of transparent buildings. As Routh enters the city, he feels fear...

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-07-05

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