2634 - Terras neue Herren
Terra’s New Masters
Hubert Haensel

Before the earthquake, in the Zona Mexico, Reginald Bull leaves the Earth with the LADY LAVERNA, a cylinder ship of the Society of Absent Friends. Nachtaugs Beisohn is attached to the outer hull and taken away from the planet. Geronimo Abb and DayScha remain on board as guests. The ship is hidden inside of the Ganymede building site. Nachtaugs Beisohn is being prepared for interviewing.

After the quake Bull’s "corpse" is salvaged from a wrecked glider. It is, in fact, a carefully prepared clone. The illusion is perfect, because it was prepared from a tissue sample of the Immortal, and in its shoulder, it carries a replica of a burnt out cell activator chip. Since no one in the highest government circles was initiated into the plan, even the First Terran Henrike Ybarri believes in the death of the Resident.

On October 6, 1469 NGE the sixty-three star galleons who survived the first attack return to the Sol system. The Sayporaner Marrghiz and Fagesy Chossom contact Ybarri and demand the surrender of the LFT. They remind her of the nano-machines still active in the Earth’s crust, which had triggered the powerful earthquakes, to reinforce their demand. The Terrans get time to consider. Ybarri decides it makes sense to surrender and then act from underground. She informs her Cabinet members that the strangers must have managed to long ago manipulate all the data centers, including NATHAN and LAOTSE. By a narrow majority, the cabinet joins Ybarri in her decision. Terra is occupied, and all members of the government are given "consultants" - people who are on the side of the invaders. The final arbiters in any decision are Marrghiz and Chossom. The journalist Phaemonoe Eghoo is chosen by the invaders to their government spokeswoman.

Marrghiz asserts that humanity had reached the end of their path and will find peace in their new home, the miniature universe. He also heralds the return of the kidnapped youths. Then he and Chossom study Bull’s corpse, to convince themselves of its authenticity. They talk about their most important goal: the discovery of the superintelligence ALLDARS 's missing body . They suspect it to be in the Sol system. They are not pleased when they find out that not only 2300 patrolling Fagesys have disappeared, but also fifty million inhabitants of Terrania, including Homer G. Adams. Each individual has left behind a white armband - a sign of resistance since the SOULSOURCE dictatorship and the subsequent establishment of the Group of Gentle Rebels.

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-05-29

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