2633 - Der tellurische Krieg
The Telluric War
Hubert Haensel

The crash of the three star galleons was only a feint. The ships were deliberately sacrificed to smuggle a weapon to the ground: nano-robots that replicate and create mini-factories. The Lithosphere Technician Bentelly Farro is consulted. Using his own nano-machines, which are used to combat earthquakes, he finds out that the alien machines serve a single purpose: to create a super quake.

Nachtaugs Beisohn has survived the crash, but is seriously injured. Geronimo Abb and DayScha try to help him. They even manage to finally communicate with him. He speaks of a hunter, which he allegedly cannot escape. Since the authorities do not take their message seriously, they transport the giant humanoid, still overgrown with an aggregate base, with a suspended freight ship. The base repairs itself and produces weapons that it directs upon the Terran and the Cheborparner. They are rescued by Don Monwiil, a seriously ill man (his blood crystallizes at irregular intervals), who works for the Society of Absent Friends. He destroys parts of the base, so that it no longer represents a danger. Nachtaugs Beisohn is then handed into the possession of the Society.

Homer G. Adams informs his friend Reginald Bell about these events, and gives him some information about the Society. Adams warns of the Augurs, because in his opinion, these foreign beings have infiltrated the TLD and the government during their two-year presence on Terra. Adams submitted a secret plan to Bull in which an android copy of Bull created by the Swoon Fanom Pekking presumably has a role to play. Bull agrees - Terrania will have to get by for a while without him. Then he heads by transmitter to Central America.

At 9:17 PM local time on October 5, 1469 NGE the Central America region is rocked by the strongest earthquake in living memory. The epicenter is located directly beneath Mexico City. The foreign nano-machines have created a gravo-mechanical shock pulse, raising the ground by thirty meters. The land then falls back and breaks up. Mexico City is destroyed. Innumerable people die. The Popocatépetl volcano erupts but is capped by a Paratron-screen. Secondary quakes and tsunamis follow.

On October 6, at 10:31 AM SIN-TC (the Solar Information Network of Terrania City) reports that according to eyewitnesses Reginald Bell was buried in Mexico under the rubble of a burning glider. They also claim to have seen an expanding spiral galaxy over the ruins of Mexico City - the sign of the death of a cell activator bearer….

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-04-15

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