2632 - Die Nacht des Regenriesen
The Night of the Rain Giant
Wim Vandemaan

The sun is wrapped by the Fimbul crust. Even heavy bombardment cannot penetrate the puzzling substance. Artificial suns shine on Terra and the other solar planets with just so much light that it does not lead to disaster. However, the average temperature on the Earth decreases.

On October 5, 1469 NGE the BOMBAY returns to the Sol system. The crew of the CASABLANCA, an eight hundred meter ship of the APOLLO class, locates the arrival of the explorer. Although it sends out a distress signal, it does not respond to radio messages and an energy shield has been activated. This shield has gaps so that Helia Margaud, the hyper-physicist of the CASABLANCA, and some other crew members can transfer to the BOMBAY by transmitter. Shortly after reinforcements have arrived - there is agreement about the fact that the BOMBAY could pose a threat - the transmitter connection breaks down. Margaud and her companions are on their own. The ship’s systems are disrupted and the crew is not to be found. Black, egg-shaped objects are distributed throughout the ship, which dissolve as soon as you touch them. Finally, the crew of the BOMBAY is found. They are lying in a deep sleep near the center of the ship and being cared for by Medo-robots. It is explained to them that the sleep is not of natural origin.

Major Achil van Taarnhoi gets awakened. From his report it can be inferred that on their return from the bridge world the VAHANA was planted with something: nano-machines that can infect computer systems and organisms. The nano-weapon took over the systems of the BOMBAY and put the crew to sleep by the hormone melatonin produced in their bodies. Margaud and her companions have also been infected. They succeed in disabling the organic content of the ship's logic programming network and stop the ship. It is also noted that the BOMBAY has transmitted data to a specific point in the Sol system. The Explorer has obviously been transformed into a spy ship, a quasi-Trojan horse. The escort ships can now be warned - The BOMBAY is quarantined.

A little later, one hundred fifty star galleons appear in the Sol system and attack it. Seventy-eight are destroyed, while most of the others retreat. But three manage a breakthrough to the Earth. They are destroyed by artillery forts, but they first manage to throw countless four millimeter wide objects which are later named blinder ejectors, and torpedoes, that they name hell screamers. The blinder ejectors produce a bright light that makes people blind, and electromagnetic waves that are perceived as heat for a short time. Hell screamers cause a terrible noise with one hundred seventy decibels of sound pressure, far beyond the threshold of pain. Although the effect of both weapons is not fatal, millions of people have been severely traumatized by them.

The three star galleons are hit hard and seem to explode. In fact, they have blown themselves up. Their debris falls down in the Gulf of Papua, the Khövsgöl Nuur and the Gulf of Mexico. The ship’s figurehead from the bow of one of the star galleons goes down over land by the Gulf of Mexico. The object is not only like a giant humanoid shaped with four arms, it is actually a creature named Nachtaugs Beisohn. The figureheads are fused with their ships and adapted to them. They only remember their past in bizarre dreams.

Nachtaugs Beisohn is discovered by the fifteen year old Terran Geronimo Abb and his au pair Dayszaraszay Schazcepoutrusz (also called DayScha), a twenty-three year old Cheborparner. Geronimo and DayScha are on their own, because the boy's parents were in the Wega system at the time of the kidnapping in the Sol system. The older brother of Geronimo is one of the young people who followed the Augurs over the transit parquet. Their family house on the Yucatan Peninsula was almost completely destroyed due to the Gravo-erratic phenomena, under which Terra is still suffering. Therefore, the two young people decided to camp in the forest. They heard the noise of the crash and found the humanoid in a clearing.

At the same time Reginald Bull sends searchers into the crash regions.

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-03-09

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