2631 - Die Stunde der Blender
The hour of the Blinder
Marc A. Herren/Christian Montillon

Just a few weeks after his transformation into an Ogok-Atimpal - a "Permanently Scared" - in 1379 NGE Tokun Gavang recovered to the extent that he almost finds his way back again to his former power. He is sent to his homeworld, where he still is ninety years later, still on duty. In the year 1469 NGE it is reported that the World Scourge is approaching. As even spaceships of the QIN SHI-Guard appear and seal off the system, the unthinkable is certain: QIN SHI is reaching out for the main world of one of its aiding races, in order to kill billions of Dosanthis and refresh himself on their life energy. An evacuation is impossible; all the spaceships are stopped from launching by an override circuit. Their fate seems to be inevitable.

The CHANDORY has followed the World Scourge into the Pytico system. Regius and the other leaders of the resistance does not regard it as an opportune time to use the Blinder network – when QIN SHI intends to weaken himself through the destruction of his own aiding race, you do not want hinder the superintelligence in doing this. Perry Rhodan cannot tolerate this. He makes it clear to the Iothone that the Desperate Resistance will weaken itself if it does not help now. By saving the Dosanthis a signal must be sent, with which the people of this race might be pulled to the side of the underground movement. In fact, Tokun and Terahyr, an old Xylthe who works with him, are calling their respective races to resist. It comes to fighting on Meloudil against the landed troops of the QIN SHI-Guard.

The Blinder buoys have now been further improved, so that the activities of the World Scourge can be successfully disabled. But again the buoys fail by the dozen shortly before the expiration of the thirty-seven hour period. Rhodan has only one chance to prevent the disaster. He must try to make the World Scourge reboot itself with the ancient Anthurian controller. To this end, he has to approach the World Scourge closely with a crusier - a risky venture because Kaowen’s combat ships are combing the system for the opponents. Rhodan's plan works. The controller has access to the World Scourge, whose glowing red sphere wrapping it goes off. The World Scourge does turn out to be a burnt, modified trade star from the Polyport network. It is only shortly active before Rhodan can give it the reboot command.

On Meloudil Tokun and Terahyr are victorious. Vetela, Tokun’s nemesis who has never abandoned his suspicions of the man and had followed his nemesis to Meloudil, is killed when the World Scourge finally reboots and become active again for another short period. At the end of the thirty-seven hour period the World Scourge withdraws and goes to station twenty light years away. Perry Rhodan asks to be returned to the BASIS cruiser Sichou-1. Meanwhile, Kaowen is summoned by QIN SHI to report...

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-01-30

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