2630 - Im Zeichen der Aggression
In The Expression of Aggression
Marc A. Herren

The Vasanthi Tokun Gavang is born on the day of the Hyper-shocks on the planet Meloudil. Like many peers of his generation, he is an Agal-Atimpal - a Dosanthi in a state of "constant excitation". He is always stretched to full height, so that he dominates other Dosanthi at almost twice their height, and the normal Dosanthisí usually suppressed aggression is permanently present with him. The Agal-Atimpals are considered as disabled by their race, but the truth is their blemish is a gift. Through special training the Agal-Atimpal learn to control their aggression and help all Dosanthi to use their para-ability particularly effectively. Tokun Gavang also has an unusual understanding of technology for his people.

Tokun is put into the homeland security forces and assigned for duty in the spaceship NYCORMO. He rises rapidly in the hierarchy there and finally becomes a strategist in the QIN SHI-Guard. He finds a good friend in Picaru Volil. But he also has an enemy: Vetela, a Xylthe with the rank of Reparat, who considers Tokun considers to be a member of the Desperate Resistance. The reason for Vetelaís suspicions manifests as a mission of the protection forces, in which Tokun and Picaru participate, is a debacle. In fact Picaru, Tokunís constant companion, is the one who belongs to the resistance - Vetela has his attention solely directed upon the wrong person. Picaru himself is responsible for the failed mission. Before he dies in the firestorm, he tries to persuade Tokun to join the resistance. He gives him a data crystal with explosive information, but Tokun destroys the crystal.

Although he ignored Picaruís plea, it wakes up doubts in Tokun about QIN SHIís actions that cause a permanent war to rage in Chanda. He tries to flee to his home, but is caught, demoted and transferred to the XYLTHIA. He gradually works his way up the ranks again. One day, he is contacted by the Dosanthi Tiza Zempar, a resistance fighter who knows the truth about the debacle caused by Picaru. He provides Tokun the crucial question: Why did he conceal the events of that time and not deliver the data crystal to his superiors, so that he would be celebrated a hero? Answer: Tokun had already inwardly longed to resist. His first act on behalf of the resistance is to help in the murder of Protector Kaowen. This success has a bitter aftertaste, because many innocent people die with it, and Kaowen is reborn as a clone, anyway. Tokunís betrayal is not detected, but for some reason his biological turns him back into a normal DosanthiÖ

Jerry Schneiderman 2016-01-09

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