2627 - Die letzten Tage der GEMMA FRISIUS
The Last Days of the GEMMA FRISIUS
Michael Marcus Thurner

Ronald Tekener leads a team into the wreck of the GEMMA FRISIUS. The destruction inside suggests that the crew has not only fought against an unknown enemy, but also attempted to stop the ship. Survivors are not found, but a strange substance, a kind of molten resin, runs through broad areas of the ship and many of the corpses are also encased by it. A hidden data crystal is recovered. It contains recordings by the Nexialist David Campese during the period from September 2-4 1469 NGE, and brings light into the darkness of the events:

The GEMMA FRISIUS is under the control of Glue 37, who has conquered the ship for Petal 37. Attempts to escape or resist are futile and only lead to brutal countermeasures by the sinister enemy. Resignation is spreading. When the crew detects that the ship towards starts to move the Sol system, its fighting spirit wakes up again. In desperate actions that claim many lives, it is possible for the Galactics to destroy four of the five Hawk III Compensation converters and various other aggregates. The ship remains maneuverable and reaches its destination. Forty-seven other ships are already positioned around the Sol system, hidden in some unknown manner from location by the Terrans. All the Petals are connected with each other and with the Antares Reef. An energetic band arises that runs around the Sol system. Campese is badly wounded in the fighting. With his last strength he records his experiences. It also includes a message that he has read on the terminals of a secondary headquarters: "The BOTNETZ is ready ... The forty-eight Petals of the Time Rose is enabled ..."

The structure pilots of JULES VERNE have suffered a shock with the discovery of the GEMMA FRISIUS, but are now whole and strong again. Kempo Doll'Arym explains that the reason for their illness was an absence of space at the site of the wreck; a zone of absolute nothingness, in which the laws of nature are not valid. It turns out that there are forty-eight such centers around the Sol system. Through massive bombardment from all the weapons of JULES VERNE all of this absence is again "filled" - space and time arise again…

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-10-26

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