2625 - Das Plejaden-Attentat
The Plejaden Assassination
Hubert Haensel

With the disappearance of the Sol system, a power vacuum was created that needs to be filled as soon as possible. At Maharani, a thriving Terran colony in the Pleiades Sector, an LFT conference is therefore held whose goal is choosing a provisional First Terran and the determination of a new Terran main world. USO head Monkey and Bostich, the Imperator of Arkon and Chairman of the New Galacticum, leave for Maharani after the Oxtorner has made it clear that the USO will not tolerate a takeover of JULES VERNE by Bostich. The barbell ship will be taken by Ronald Tekener to explore Sector Zero.

At the moment, Tekener is on an undercover mission on Maharani. The planet has been a playground of the intelligence services for the past few weeks due to the upcoming galactic conference. The "Smiler" pursues an LFT-Secretary named Morasan Jagan, who became a suspect due to certain irregularities. The man, however, gets murdered by persons unknown. Through an autopsy it is determined that the dead man is actually an Arkonide. His real name is Gaumarol Tharan. Tharan had supposedly died in 1465 NGE in a glider accident. Reino tan Vitar, commander in chief of the Akonian Energy Command, confirmed the rumors circulating on Maharani of a planned assassination. A man named Zoron Farsell is behind this. The evaluation of the recorded material from a surveillance camera that recorded the murder of Jagan, later confirms this allegation: Farsell is the culprit. He has, however, disappeared. As tan Vitar volunteers Akonian specialists to help in the search of Sector Zero, Tekener invites him on behalf of the USO to a forthcoming meeting of the main Galactic authorities. At this meeting, Bostich denies Arkonide involvement in the assassination plots.

The conference will begin on October 20, 1469 NGE. The deputies of the many thousands of LFT-member worlds are initially unable to reach agreement. The first ballot fails. On the following day the USO, TLD and Arkonide Celistas together prevent a disaster. Farsellís arrival is registered, and the man is trapped in energy screens when he detonates a bomb implanted in him. He wanted to perform a decapitation strike against the LFT in order to guarantee supremacy of the Arkonide Empire in the Milky Way - even against the will of Bostich. The conference continues. On October 22nd, Arun Joschannan, administrator of the Pleiades Coalition, who was not originally nominated, is proposed by the former First Terran Tamira Sakrahan for election. He is eventually elected Acting First Terran. Maharani is also elected as the provisional seat of government of the LFT. However Joschannan considers it important that hope for a return of the Sol system is not lost. The post of Terran Resident initially remains vacant, while new elections are already set for January 1, 1470 NGE.

Bostich is happy with the choices. In a clarifying conversation with Monkey and Tekener he again emphasizes that all the Galactic nations must work together to overcome the crisis, and that he himself had nothing to do with the attack. Nevertheless, he accepts political responsibility for it, because he believes that the Arkonide group Ark'Tussan has their hands in the game. He renounces the power of getting his hands on the JULES VERNE, which then heads out October 23rd under Tekenerís command. The fate of forty-eight ships vanished in the Ordhogan Nebula is also to be clarified by the JULES VERNE.

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-08-28

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