2624 - Todesfalle Sektor Null
Death Sector Zero
Arndt Ellmer

With the kidnapping of the Sol system a dangerous zone of hyperphysical chaos is created, called Sector Zero. At the former site of the system a hyperstorm builds up and the danger exists that it will merge with the storm area of the Antares Reef. That would be a disaster of Galactic proportions. Five thousand mobile Terran battleships block off Sector Zero. Fifty thousand more units are pulled together in the vicinity. Admiral Lagon Claudrin leads the operation. Bostich will provide twenty thousand ships of the United Galactic fleet. Sector Zero is a death trap - not only for space ships approaching it. If the Sol system should materialize at this point, then it would be destroyed by the hyperstorm…

On October 9, 1469 NGE, the special vessel BURNORRAL, constructed for the study of hyperstorms, enters the inside of Sector Zero. The vessel is escorted by the GEMINI and three other spherical ships of the EXPLORER class. But the Null Divers do not get far. The BURNORRAL is swallowed by a hyper-rip. The same phenomenon shaves off most of the lower spherical segment of the GEMINI. The Rumaler Wahna Porant, Chief Sensor technician of the GEMINI, blames himself for the disaster, because he was the one to propose the onsite exploration. He risks his life to save as many of his comrades as possible before the ship is torn apart by the Hawk converters blowing up. He believes to see that alien beings have penetrated the GEMINI. He assumes that a transition exists, with which you can reach the dimension in which the Sol system was kidnapped. At the last minute he manages to save himself and his deputy Sibana, as well as the other survivors in the solidly secured central sphere. The segment is blown free and escapes the destruction, but the energy supply breaks down, so that the life-support systems begin to fail. Only the JULES VERNE, which is currently located in the Charon Cloud, can now help the Null Divers.

A plenary meeting of the Galacticum on the planet Aurora is scheduled for the same day, because the disappearance of the Sol system and almost the entire LFT leadership has shaken the political structure in the Milky Way. A conference is to son be held on the LFT colony world Maharani in the Pleiades sector. There is no consensus reached on a new Terran home world.. Many Council members do not believe that Chairman Bostich, who simultaneously stands at the head of the sole remaining Galactic power, after the elimination of its diametric opposite – the Terrans – continues to represent the best interests of the entire Galacticum. There is, however, a group in the empire called the Ark'Tussan, which aims at the restoration of Arkonide hegemony.

Bostich is visited by USO Lord Admiral Monkey before the meeting. The Oxtorner tells the Arkonide that since August over eight hundred ships of various nations have gone missing in the Ordhogan Nebula, a former hyper-cocoon. Bostich believes in a connection with the kidnapping of the Sol system and considers the entire Milky Way to be at risk. He orders the preparation for the evacuation of the Arkon system and requested the proclamation of the highest level of military threat against the Galacticum. The Council agrees to collect all of the most powerful ships in the fleet and use the JULES VERNE as its flagship – with Bostich in command of the VERNE. LFT Foreign Minister Galo Kajat, who temporarily took over the tasks of the Head of Government, does not agree to this proposal. The JULES VERNE is to investigate Sector Zero under the command of Ronald Tekeners as expedition leader. Ma'tam Narvan tan Ra-Osar, of the Akonian Council, supports this. Bostich then lets the cat out of the bag. He declares a state of emergency and imposes martial law on the Milky Way, because this is an attack on all the races of the galaxy – for it is now clear that the unknown attacker can make use of the Polyport network for its own purposes. Considering the state of affairs, the Council cannot withhold its agreement.

On October 10 the central sphere of the GEMINI drifts through Sector Zero. The Paratron screen collapses and the castaways are helpless, at the mercy of the hyperstorm. The JULES VERNE arrives just in time to rescue the survivors. Then Bostich shows up and announces he is taking over command of the JULES VERNE and the securing of Sector Zero.

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-07-04

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