2622 - Die Rebellen von Escalian
The Rebels of Escalian
Uwe Anton

After his capture Alaska Saedelaere is brought to the prison world Crepoin. All the Jyrescao prisoners are isolated on such a planet in order to ensure that they do not have contact with "Harmonious". Saedelaere can only remember his past in fragments. These memory fragments come and go. Saedelaere has no idea how he came to be on Crepoin and why he has lost his memory. Maybe this condition was caused by the interrogation techniques used on him. Saedelaere’s only clue comes from Haspelon , a blue-skinned humanoid from the people of the Dynoad , whom he calls "Swift" and who stands by Saedelaere.

One day, it comes to an uprising in the prison camp. A spaceship appears and sends out a battle glider. Armed forces disembark and use the chaos to liberate as many Inharmonious as possible, including Swift - but their main objective is Alaska Saedelaere. Saedelaere is taken to meet Carmydea Yukk, the granddaughter of Rhizinza Yukk . She is the commander of the spaceship SHEYAR and simultaneously head of the underground organization Jyrescaboro ("Guardian of the Inharmonious"), because she does not bare a splinter of TANEDRAR. The Jyrescaboro ensure that Inharmonious can live in freedom on certain worlds. They have developed a device that simulates the "stable odor" of the Harmonious so that they can move unnoticed among them.

Eroin Blitzer and Pridon are also on board. Blitzer reports that Rhizinza Yukk was badly wounded in a fight with the Harmony Guards and is being treated in a healing tank. The family of the Duchess has helped Saedelaere’s group, but not out of pure altruism. He should Carmydea Yukk help in the rehabilitation of her family, which turned into pariahs after the disappearance of the Duchess. TANEDRAR should be moved to rethink its position. To this end Carmydea wants to investigate the anomaly in which her grandmother lost seventy years. In return Saedelaere is to be brought to the planet Pean. Only there, so says Carmydea, would be a healing of his memory loss be possible. Saedelaere agrees - not least because he has developed a weakness for the beautiful Escalianer woman.

At first, their journey leads to the entertainment world Ementa. They hire Rizinze Baro there. The toad-like creatures is regarded as the only pilot who can fly in an anomaly. He follows the SHEYAR with his ship RHYLINE after Saedelaere won a dangerous contest against him and the price is negotiated. Carmydea would like to immediately fly to the anomaly, which is, however, a different one from the one that is known to Baro. But Saedelaere prevails: He wants to be brought first to Pean. The planet is considered the seat of powers that have supposedly done many wondrous healings. The Terran lands on Pean with a sloop. He is accompanied by Swift and Blitzer. The latter remains in the ship, while the other two men enter the jungle. The Terran encounters a giant tree creature. Then someone shoots a thermal ray at the tree being, barely missing Saedelaere...

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-05-20

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