2621 - Der Harmoniewächter
The Harmony Guard
Christian Montillon

The cell activator neutralizes the truth drug, with which Alaska Saedelaere was supposed to be made compliant, but the existence of the chip does not remain hidden to the Escalianers. But they are not able to remove the chip because Guard Lieutenant Pridon frees the Terrans. Pridon and the Duchess were themselves freed by Eroin Blitzer. The very different companions flee by transmitter to a secret station built for members of the government back in the Duchess’ time. The facility is abandoned, but can be reactivated by the Duchess. The group prepares with new masks and protective suits. Their new goal is the ancestral home of the Duchess. Rhizinza Yukk hopes to find help there. Before leaving with a glider, Saedelaere learns that TANEDRAR is not always present in the Empire of Harmony is present. The arrival of the superintelligence seems shortly imminent.

Uyarı Lydspor survived the firing upon his glider. He is supported by help that arrives soon after the attack upon him from the military training camp. The place is empty - the soldiers fall into a trap. Huge explosions destroy the complex. Some time later Lydspor finds himself in a healing tank again. When he is fit again, he is commissioned to track down the fugitive calling herself the Duchess and her companions. In his research, he notes that almost all records of Rhizinza Yukk were deliberately deleted. Near the destroyed training camp, an ancient glider flies over the mountains of the camp. He follows the machine, but it escapes.

The glider is flown by Eroin Blitzer, who proves himself a master pilot. After the chase they land in the capital. Camouflaged by deflector fields they continue to Rhizinza Yukk’s family home. The property is already being monitored. Lydspor is also present. He can sense Jyrescaos and capture Saedelaere despite the deflector field. Jezzel and Guard Lieutenant Truyen Conscure show up and take away the Terran.

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-04-24

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