2620 - Fremde in der Harmonie
Stranger in the Harmony
Christian Montillon

The Empire of Harmony is inhabited by a multi-ethnic mixture of races. All the living beings, whatever their origin, are considered to be Escalianers and have one thing in common: they carry a tiny sliver of the super-intelligence TANEDRAR, as the Escaran is referred to, thereby gaining "Harmony". This ensures that the many different races cooperate peacefully. However, there often found "Disharmonious" people ( also know as Jyrescaos) that do not have Escaran. It is the job of the so-called Harmony Guards to detect such people and eliminate them. Uyarı Lydspor from the race of the frog-like Kandran is such a Harmony Guard. He is active in Klion. His current hunt is unsuccessful because the Jyresca receives help from "Harmonics" - an unheard of occurrence, but not the only one as Lydspor is informed by his superior Jezzel. Similar incidents have been occurring more and more often for some time now. In his research Lydspor discovers a training camp for Jyrescaos. AS he tries to observe the camp, he is discovered and comes under fire.

On the way to the Realm of Harmony Alaska Saedelaere receives some information from Guard Lieutenant Pridon, who has recovered from his injuries. The kingdom consists of two large galaxies and two smaller clusters that penetrate each other. They collided 9.8 million years ago - a time period that reminds the Terran of the Frequency Monarchy. The penetration of the star islands causes some chaotic hyperphysical conditions, such as hyperhurricanes and the such.

Three hundred light years before the planet Klion, the home world of the Duchess Rhizinza Yukk, the Administrative Palace falls victim to a Tryortan gullet. Only a part of the crew was able to escape with Pridonís docked cruisers. Due to an unknown influence all the survivors, including Alaska Saedelaere, lose consciousness. When they come back around, spaceships appear - allegedly emissaries of the Empire of Harmony. However, they do not recognize the Guard Lieutenant nor the Duchess. They are considered strangers and enemies of the empire by these ships. Saedelaere learns that there was indeed a Duchess named Rhizinza Yukk a long time ago. She disappeared seventy-two years ago! The Terran is subjected to an interrogation and to be drugged.

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-03-23

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