2618 - Flucht von der Brückenwelt
Escape From the Bridge World
Verena Themsen

Jenke Schousboe and the other Galactics have found that ALLDAR’s body is gone. After they safely escape the crypt, this information is publicly distributed. There are be riots and violent clashes between the population and the Omnipresent Rear Guard. As the former High March Assigner Mareetu is stripped of his power and lobotomized, the Fagesy Phocallu is named his successor. The Supreme March Assigner Facao announces that the Galactics had stolen ALLDAR’s body. However, the fighting continues. The minions of the ubiquitous Rear Guard battles the insurgent population with full force. Jenke Schousboe falls into the hands of Facao and is brutally interrogated.

In the VAHANA a radio message is received from the BOMBAY, that the Omnipresent Rear Guard is attacking cities on Faland. The VAHANA is also attacked. A Fagesy enters the SCARAB and is killed, but part of his body substance is still alive and disappears somewhere in the ship. Then Jenke is freed and returned to the VAHANA. Zachary Cranstoun, who lives on in the dead brain collective, supplies the Galactics an important piece of new information. There are various control centers for the Dysfunctional Field, which interferes with the equipment of the BOMBAY. Even the locations are known. After a commando squad infiltrates one of these old centers and shuts a part of the field off, the VAHANA is able to escape into space.

Spaceships that resemble ancient human galleons with a humanoid figurehead and four outstretched arms, attack the human ships. The VAHANA is able to be channeled into the BOMBAY at the final second. But the Galactics might have a Trojan horse on board, because the remains of the Fagesy are still present on the VAHANA. On September thirtieth, the ship begins its journey back to the Sol system.

Meanwhile, Facao meets with the Augur Gaztraid to notify him that the Battle Ovules are ready and have made the connection. Gaztraid considers that this is very good news - everything is going according to plan ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2015-01-11

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