2616 - Countdown für Sol
Countdown for Sol
Arndt Ellmer

Korbinian Boko and his twin sister Lia are "Spark Children"; their mother was once touched by the golden shower of sparks. Lia is a close range Teleporter, but Korbinian does not seem to have a Para-ability. The children grow up on the planet Aveda in the Stardust system. Their parents have mental health problems and keep the whole family isolated from the neighbors. In July 1415 NGE - the twins are six years old - the family home burns down. Lia searches for her missing brother and suffers brain damage because of smoke inhalation. Corbinian’s father finds his son later in the rubble of the house. The child is cowering completely untouched under a table and has a few toys with him, as well as the control module of the house’s servo unit, which actually should have contained the fire. It is clear that the boy must have somehow taken out the device, which is actually impossible, and thereby unknowingly caused the disaster. But how could he have survived the fire?

Three years after the fire, the family moves to Zyx. Lia is severely in need of care, as she still lies in a vegetative state. At the age of twenty Korbinian learns through a farewell letter from his parents, when they disappear with a glider and apparently commit suicide, what really happened at that time. He now knows how he survived, because over the years he has discovered that he is in fact Para-gifted. He can create a miniature universe around and can take along whatever he wants to. With some practice this "refuge," as he calls it, can be enlarged. Korbinian moves to Terra and cares for Lia in the following years, with the help of a Ferrone nurse named Ve. He keeps hoping for improvement in Lia’s condition. He becomes a star chef in a prestigious restaurant and falls in love with Ve.

Through the help of a friendly Terran, Korbinian encounters the Sayporaner Stradprais in 1468 NGE. He treats Lia with music from his Phenube. To the surprise of all the doctors, Lia’s condition improves rapidly. After some time she regains consciousness and can lead a virtually independent life again. Stradprais demands no money for this treatment, but a favor in the future. Korbinian must quit the restaurant and get hired by the Solar Fleet. His new job is in the research station AMATERASU in solar orbit, where he cooks for the crew. In due time, Korbinian learns from Ve, who is apparently equally under the spell of the Sayporaner as his Terran friends, he will get a signal in his ear from a micro-receiver. Then he will have to take action.

After the kidnapping of the sol system Reginald Bull and Shanda Sarmotte come to the AMATERASU. The Nail ships of the Spenta appear and begin the construction of the Fimbul network that will extinguish the sun. While desperate emergency measures are taken on all the planets, Shanda tries to learn more about the Sun Cottagers. On September 13, 1469 NGE - observed by the CUCULA PAMPO - another eleven Nail ships arrive, so that the Fimbul network will soon be completed. Although Shanda can maintain mental contact with the Spentas, the assembled warships of the Terrans are not able to locate the Nail spaceships or the network stations. As Shanda can finally determine their locations it proves impossible to relay this information to the fleet. The AMATERASU has suddenly found itself inside a refuge created by Korbinian. Shortly afterward, the Fimbul pulse is triggered ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-10-19

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