2615 - Todesjagd auf Rhodan
Death Hunt For Rhodan
Markus Heitz

Perry Rhodan and Quistus lose control of their escape ship. It crashes on a hydrogen atmosphere world. An unknown influence there disturbs any higher technology or makes them only barely functional, and also disables the Para-ability of the Iothonen. The ship is destroyed on impact. Rhodan and Quistus survive and take off on foot from the crash site. They hide in a cave. Kaowen is following the two personally. In fact, he has staged their escape, for he has long been concerned with the planet. He believes there is a special transit parquet hidden there, which he absolutely wants to bring into his possession. He wants Rhodan and Quistus to find it for him - and none of his subordinates must know about it. Because he knows the conditions on the planet well, Kaowen has a particularly glider specially shielded, and brings along a sword and daggers. Through a tracking device hidden in the body of Iothonen the Xylthe can follow his prey anywhere, even though he also sees himself exposed to the planet’s dangers.

With the Suit of the Universes Rhodan recognizes that huge hollow spheres that float in the atmosphere are part of an intelligent collective being. After the Terran and Quistus survived the first attack by Kaowen – and Quistus can again use his active telekinesis - Rhodan makes contact with the hollow spheres. He and Quistus are brought to safety inside one of these creatures. The being reports of a foreign influence on the planet, which is also causing it pain. For Rhodan it is clear that this is the same interference that has impaired his SERUN. The collective being brings Rhodan and Quistus to the source of radiation. The two discover a cavern in which none of the adverse effects are noticeable anymore. There is an operational transit parquet there. Kaowen attacks them again. With the help of the Iothonen Rhodan gains the upper hand. Then the two escape using the transit parquet. Kaowen, whose suit was breached in the battle, so that the poison gas atmosphere penetrates, tries to follow them. But Rhodan had activated the self-destruct system. The Transit parquet explodes.

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-09-23

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