2614 - Navigator Quistus
Navigator Quistus
Christian Montillon

In group remaining stranded on the BASIS, Trasur Sargon decides to strike because the Para-ability of the Dosanthis has dried up and their physical powers are also diminished. The Galactics , however, are still in great danger, when the BASIS fragment continues to split.

Meanwhile, Ennerhahl has some more means and possibilities that once again allow him and Perry Rhodan to escape capture on board Protector Kaowen’s flagship. In a new hiding place they tap into the on-board computer of the RADONJU. They use this to locate where sloops are stored on board. Ennerhahl and Rhodan want to use one to escape the flagship. While watching Kaowen over the network, they notice that the Xylthe visits a specially secured room where something seems to be hidden. As Rhodan and Ennerhahl penetrate the space, they encounter Quistus and his companion Serume, two intelligent hydrogen breathers from the race of the Iothones.

The Iothones look like four-armed octopuses with four eyes. They must use survival capsules to move around on the RADONJU. They are telekinetic. They use this ability in part unconsciously in order to float, but are also able to use this power to purposefully move things telekinetically. They also have the ability to orient themselves in space without technical aids. They can even navigate Hyperstorms. Quistus and Serume were captured some time ago by Kaowen and tortured. He used them to navigate the BASIS, and apparently has other goals he wants to achieve with their help.

Rhodan and Ennerhahl liberate them and try to flee with them to a sloop. Combat robots engage them and Serume is killed. Although Quistus uses his Para-ability to destroy some of the robots, their numerical superiority and firepower is too great. Ennerhahl disappears, only to appear again in Kaowen’s shape, in order to distract the opponent. As a result, only Rhodan and Quistus launch with the sloop, but something is wrong with the ship. It suddenly falls from linear space and dives into the atmosphere of a hydrogen world.

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-09-07

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