2613 - Agent der Superintelligenz
Agent of the Superintelligence
Michael Marcus Thurner

With the help of Daniel robots, Trasur Sargon and Gamma Oulhaq find more crew members remaining in the BASIS, including Captain Erik Theonta. But he is wounded and leaves leadership of the group to the Ertruser. As it turns out, the Para-ability of the Dosanthis also stranded in the BASIS fragment has been exhausted. Trasur Sargon therefore plans to counter-attack.

Meanwhile, the BASIS decomposes further and further, until only tiny fragments are left of many of the individual segments. Perry Rhodan and Ennerhahl, are looking unsuccessfully for the Grey Room in which the Multiverse Ocular is probably hidden. Rhodan manages to communicate better with the Suit of the Universes. With it, Perry makes short contact with Raphael, an old helper of ES, who expresses surprise at the activation of the Thanatos program - ES had not arranged this event. He says that the Phanes configuration is producing a "rebirth" of the BASIS.

The activities of the two men do not remain hidden to the Xylthes. The intruders are located and brought with tractor beams to Protector Kaowen’s flagship RADONJU. Ennerhahl allows this to happen and even remains unimpressed when Reparat Mastarmo threatens them with torture. Ennerhahl does not complain when Rhodan volunteers to go first, but Kaowen chooses Ennerhahl. Only now does Ennerhahl act, reaching to hidden arsenal of weapons in a nondescript bracelet and activating a temporal field which greatly accelerates the passage of time for him and Rhodan. Ennerhahl humiliates Kaowen by tattooing obscene images onto his face. Rhodan and Ennerhahl flee, but do not depart the ship. Instead, they hide in a storeroom and the dark-skinned humanoid tells the Terran his life story, as far as it is known to himself.

Ennerhahl’s memories appear to begin with hard training that is carried out by his only companion, the robot Anarch-Gama, on the planet Begin. Ennerhahl was trained for an unknown client with inscrutable morals and enigmatic goals, that he calls Shadow Light. He completes some missions. One day he receives a job from the client’s android messenger. He is to recover the BOTNETZ for his client. For this purpose, he receives an enhanced light cell and limited access to the time wells. His search leads him to Totemhaim, where he meets Alaska Saedelaere, and finally into the galaxy Chanda, which is called Alkagar in the Polyport network. This galaxy should be accessible by the Polyport network, but is not and since 1463 NGE no longer even appears in the controllers. In the yard APERAS KOKKAIA he meets a stranger ( Delorian Rhodan ) who wants to win the BOTNETZ for himself, and a battle ensues. Finally, he learns of the planned transfer of the BASIS to the shipyard and sabotages this process to give Perry Rhodan time for countermeasures.

After the end of his story, Ennerhahl asks Rhodan once more for cooperation, but the Terran believes that he is still holding back important information. Before Rhodan can clarify this, an explosion occurs. Gas penetrates the storeroom and paralyzes the two men. Their hiding place has been discovered...

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-08-19

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