2612 - Zielpunkt BASIS
Target BASIS
Michael Marcus Thurner

The BASIS was conquered by the Dosanthi. The crew is fleeing with lifeboats. Some Galactics end up left behind, including the Ertruser Trasur Sargon and the Terran gardener Gamma Oulhaq. After the problems caused by the Dosanthi panic attacks have subsided, the two reprogram a Daniel robot in order to access the computer net safely. In this way they learn that Rear Admiral Erik Theonta is also still on board. Protector Kaowen from the humanoid people of the Xylthe, the leader of the QIN SHI-Guard , leads the conquest of the BASIS. He must at all costs bring the Suit the Universes and the Multiverse Ocular into his possession. The search for the two objects is difficult, especially since Kaowen has no idea why he is doing this. The Protector orders the transport of the hijacked ship to its original destination, the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA.

Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Nemo Partijan break out with the MIKRU-JON to search for the BASIS. Mondra remains back on Orontes. This pleases Ramoz, who has tired of the endless medical studies, which he had to endure since his transformation, and aims to have Rhodan's girlfriend to himself. The BASIS is no longer at its last known position, but the memory crystal, which Rhodan received from Ennerhahl, points the way to a probe. According to the data stored in it, the BASIS was brought to the sector Kollaron-Viibad. There Hyperstorms are raging, presumably stabilized by clouds of blue hypercrystals - possibly for thousands of years. The so-called Viibad-fractures are stable columns of hyper-hurricanes that end in Tryortan gullets and pull through the space sector.

The MIKRU-JON reaches the coordinates stored in the probe on September 25, 1469 NGE. Here, they find both the one hundred forty-nine kilometer measuring spherical shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA (seemingly a converted Trade star ) and the BASIS. The Terran long range spaceship is broken apart - but not according to the standard schematics. And apparently the process is still not complete. Partijan assumes that a new object of unknown shape is being formed from the fragments. Each fragment is covered by a protective screen, protecting them from the enemy fleet. For Rhodan it is clear that it is a consequence of the Delorian introduced Thanatos program. Ennerhahlís crystal frees more information that will allow a modification of MIKRU-JONíS protective screens. In this way the MIKRU-JON can approach the BASIS fragments unnoticed.

Rhodan follows a recorded message from Ennerhahl to come to a meeting in a specific fragment. The Suit of the Universes allows him to penetrate the protective shield of the fragment, and expands the possibilities of his perceptions. Ennerhahl has been waiting for Rhodan. The interior of the fragment changes while the two of them talk to each other. Its matter seems to melt and form new shapes. Rhodan decides that his next target is the gray room. Somewhere in the vicinity, Raphael materializes...

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-08-03

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