2611 - Gegen den Irrsinn
Against the Madness
Marc A. Herren

Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer penetrate the Administrative Palace. Their arrival does not go unnoticed, but all the soldiers who approach them, immediately suffer from the ever-widening radiation of his Cappin fragment and cannot stop him. They begin to hallucinate and rage around themselves, with some of them suffering organ failure. The Duchess commands the use of fighting robots, but Pridon opposes the order and instead sends Sholoubwa as a negotiator, because only the Terran can direct the Palace from the anomaly. The Cyborg disables his biological components and is therefore able to approach the Terran relatively unscathed. Saedelaere gains access to the control room and starts the drives. The Palace accelerates with minimum values. It will be able to leave the anomaly under its own power - but by then all the Escalianers will probably be dead. While the Palace slowly approaches the edge of the anomaly, the Duchess and Pridon also fall victim to the madness radiation from the harmful influence of the Cappin fragment. As Saedelaere prevents the Duchess from fleeing with a spaceship as planned by Pridon, the Guard Lieutenant turns to Sholoubwa to carry him to the headquarters where Alaska is working.

Suddenly the LUMINOSITY appears. The Cosmocrat cylinder is still under the control of Fallun Vierauf and has pushed ahead to the Palace. But even this powerful spaceship is badly affected by the chaotic conditions prevailing in the anomaly. DAN is unresponsive. When the ship accelerates the Palace with tractor beams, the cylinder begins to flicker and then totally disappears, as if it had never existed. Pridon reaches the headquarters and attempts to fire at Saedelaere. Mel-anta-Sel pounces upon the Escalianer and directs the manís weapon arm downward. The shot misses Alaska and badly disables Sholoubwa. Pridon also suffers serious burns.

The Palace then reaches the Libration zone in a short time. The madness radiation immediately fades away. The conditions in the Palace return to normal. Pridon is treated and has good chances of survival, but Sholoubwa apparently cannot be saved. A Firibirim hive is located. Mel-anta-Sel could return to his people, but would rather stay with Saedelaere. The Terran is now to be brought to the Empire of Harmony and investigated - the Duchess still does not trust him. Eroin Blitzer does not seem to cope well with the loss of the LUMINOSITY. He sinks into apathy...

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-07-11

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