2610 - Die Entscheidung des Androiden
The Decision of the Android
Christian Montillon

Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer are placed in severe distress in the Administrative Palace by battle robots. The android loses the control box, with which he could produce a UHF window that would allow them to step into the ROTOR-G. The Firibirims are able to penetrate the screens the Palace raised and retrieve the box. Back in the ROTOR-G Saedelaere tries to explain everything to the Escalianers over the radio. However, he does not receive a response. Meanwhile Blitzer is remembering that he had found a Necrophore in the LUMINOSITY, within in the private reservation of Samburi Yura. Finding one of the Chaotarc’s ultimate weapons on the ship of the forces of Order is what had made him open his own view of the world. With the help of a time box he sends Fallun Vierauf a message in which he asks his colleagues to think for themselves and hopes it will lead Vierauf to do the right thing.

The ROTOR G retreats from the vicinity of the Palace. A data packet arrives – is there an unknown friend in the Administrative Palace? Saedelaere decides to return to the Palace, because they have to help each other. The Escalianers have no chance to leave the anomaly on their own. But the Terran has to accept the fact that the continuously expanding influence of his Cappin fragment will injure the Escalianers again.

The ROTOR-G is carpet bombed immediately as it approaches. Guard Lieutenant Pridon, who had died, but was resuscitated, is the one that gave the order to fire. He would like to trust Saedelaere, but finds no evidence of the good intentions of the Terran himself through a ritual with which he can retrieve the data memories stored in his second brain. As a result of the degenerate Strangeness, the ROTOR-G is made vulnerable to attack and damaged. As Saedelaere makes his second overture to the Palace, the Cosmocrat ship is destroyed. The men flee in an escape pod, but Dom-helo-Rom is killed. Alaska determines they are incapable of leaving the anomaly with the capsule alone, so they have no choice but to penetrate the Palace again.

Meanwhile, Fallun Vierauf also enters Samburi Yura's private reserve and also sees what is stored there. The destruction of the ROTOR-G is registered. DAN still refuses to fly into the anomaly. The on-board computer even activates a new batch of androids to replace the old crew. Fallun Vierauf, however, has made provisions for this. He believes that Samburi Yura had taken the Necrophore for a case such as this, and threatens to use it to destroy the LUMINOSITY. Samburi Yura’s created artificial beings, with who he has made a pact (they are also determined to have the commander found), will do this for him. DAN relents. The LUMINOSITY approaches the anomaly...

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-06-26

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