261 - Die Fabrik des Teufels
The Factory Of The Devil
Kurt Mahr

All of a sudden, the device that was responsible for the immortality of the inhabitants of History stops working, causing their death. Then, the Khrest III is attacked by Tefrodians ships. During the skirmish, the Terrans learn that the Tefrodians think the Khrest III is actually a Haluter ship. But, according to Ichot Tolot, the Haluters don't know about the Tefrodians. Thanks to its transform cannons, the Khrest III wins the fight, but heavily damaged, it has to find out shelter on a planet called Multika, where a little Tefrodian base is found. As the repairs start, a commando is sent out to find more about the planet, and the Terrans discover that the Tefrodians possess multiduplicators. This accounts for the strange likeness of the guardians of History : the Masters of the Island use the multiduplicators to create, in the central area of Andromeda, an army of faithful and disciplined clones.

Cedric Beust

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