2606 - Unter dem Stahlschirm
Under the Steel Screeen
Hubert Haensel

Despite the FATROCHUN, increasing network technology failures and the aggressive fauna of the northern regions of Faland make the trip by the VAHANA to the planet bridge difficult and dangerous. But finally the destination is reached, the password is transmitted and the way to the city that surrounds the one thousand kilometer long interplanetary tube ring is free. Unknown attackers with flying wing aircraft try to capture the SCARAB, but are able to be repelled. Finally, the VAHANA arrives at Hascomen, a multi-ethnic city upstream with a mixture of residences. The residents explain to the Galactics that the ring city by the name Alldar-shath and long ago became the gravesite of the positive superintelligence ALLDAR. ALLDAR once appeared in the form of various avatars as a protective power of a great empire and was killed by something called the Tombarsian Shock. The Fato'Fa - ancestors of Favadarei that built the planet bridge and still live there today - had the job, to securing the body of superintelligence in her tomb. The entire solar system was then moved for safety into a miniature universe - the anomaly. The Ubiquitous Rear Guard guards the tomb, whose only access is underneath a huge building called the Steel Screen.

In Alldar-shath Jenke Schousboe and her companions mingle in among the people and listen to a speech by High March Assigner Mareetu , the head of the city and the Omnipresent Rear Guard. He belongs to the race of the Fagesy, which are also responsible for the attacks on the VAHANA. Mareetu claims that ALLDAR’S rebirth is imminent and the super-intelligence had sent out one of her avatars: a cyborg named Trogey. The being with pearly skin also gives a speech. Suddenly there is unrest: Resisters draw attention to themselves. A raid follows, in which the Galactics are also captured. After some time the Fato'Fa Shipa Gajoship appears and frees the Galactics. He and his ilk are enemies of Fagesy. The opposition believes the story of the upcoming resuscitation of ALLDAR to be just propaganda which is intended to secure the power of the Fagesy. As Shipa stated that the disruptions ruling in the miniature universe have their origin in Alldar-shath, Jenke is ready to be pulled into his plans. The Galactics are to penetrate into the tomb to find out what is really going on.

For this purpose, the Intrantum left in Mareetu’s ownership is needed; it is a kind of key to the vault. Under the steel shield should also be accommodated ALLDAR’S accumulated knowledge, and access to this archive would certainly be helpful. The Fato'Fas create a diversion by attacking the cyborg. The being with the pearl colored skin repels the attack, but cannot prevent the abduction of Mareetu. With the Intrantum, the Galactics and Fato'Fas penetrate into the tomb on September 22, 1469 NGE. But ALLDAR’S shrine is empty! It seems that the Ubiquitous Rear Guard has failed in tis duty. Maybe that is the reason for their current deception...

Jerry Schneiderman 2014-03-25

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