2602 - Die Todringer von Orontes
The Death Wrestlers of Orontes
Michael Marcus Thurner

Perry Rhodan and Nemo Partijan start with MIKRU-JON to explore the environment of the planet Orontes, because probes cannot penetrate the hyperphysical chaos raging in the atmosphere. The mousebeaver Gucky is sent with Sinaid Velderbilt and Rynol Cog-Laar to the underground of Orontes in search of other possible dangers to the MIKRU-JON and the CHISHOLM in need of repair on the surface. Gucky continues to have problems with his using his skills as usual, which is probably caused by the Para-flickering. Radio communication is disturbed by the surrounding rock - the lower the group goes, the stronger to the radio traffic is affected, sometimes completely blocked.

At the same time there are several groups of death wrestlers - caterpillar like beings who, supported by very old exoskeletons – are on the way to the surface to kill the invaders. This is done primarily out of the fear of the " World Scourge ", which devastated their world long ago and almost eradicated their race. They live in nine clans, each headed by a clan mother is, and fears a second blow by the World Scourge. Their whole mindset is influenced by a variety of fears and taboos and their technology is gradually failing, because they no longer understand it. The arrival of the Galactics is the worst imaginable scenario for them. They believe that the strangers might cause the return of the World Scourge. Since all their old battle robots have been destroyed by the strangers, the clan mothers sent two hundred death wrestlers in several groups that are to destroy the newcomers.

The young death wrestler Awkurow falls into one of those groups. Like all creatures of his kind, he has a Para-gift. He can withdraw ambient heat and solidify any object into ice. When his group encounters the three Galactics, the various Para-gifts are used in coordination. The death wrestlers are very surprised to find an opponent in Gucky who can fight back against them with the same means, while Rynol must only play on his musical instrument to neutralize the forces of a death wrestler. Awkurow dares to attempt an attack by himself, but is ultimately defeated like his companions were. Surprisingly, the strangers refrain from killing Awkurow and his companions. On the contrary, as soon as the translators begin to work, Pucky and the Ertruser ask for asylum for all the Galactics. Just in time Pucky esperts the real plan of the death wrestlers. They want to make a volcano erupt in the immediate vicinity of the two crash-landed spaceships and thereby destroy the Galactics.

The crew members of the two ships guess nothing of this, of course, and they also have their own problems. The Mehandor Patriarch Tongger Feszak has become a troublemaker and campaigns against Perry Rhodan. Heatha Neroverde keeps an eye on him and realizes that he is guided only by fear. The Para-flickering continues to further deteriorate the state of Lor-Eli Aluccs , and Ramoz is now almost completely covered by the outgrowths from his "cuffs". Nemo Partijan, however, assumes that Ramoz is being protected against the Para-flickering by the outgrowths, but that they simultaneously deprive him of too much vital energy.

Gucky succeeds in persuading Awkurow to lead him to his clan mother Syb. She appears to be reasonable and brings about the termination of the attacks. The Galactics may remain for now on Orontes - that Pucky has the offered the death wrestlers a technology transfer, may have played a role in this decision. Awkurow is declared an intermediary between the death wrestlers and Galactics and sent to the MIKRU-JON. He is looked after by Heatha Neroverde.

Perry Rhodan’s reconnaissance flight with MIKRU-JON confirmed that a multi-ethnic mixture of races live in the matter of bridge Chanda. Apparently everybody is against everybody else - but all are struggling against the Dosanthi. Rhodan wonders whether it would be possible to form an alliance with one of the other races against the conquerors of the BASIS. Finally, radiograms are received from other corvettes that had escaped from the BASIS: The HARL DEPHIN and SENCO AHRAT have sent out compressed emergency calls. The ships are only a few hundred light years away and in trouble ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-12-31

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