2601 - Galaxis in Aufruhr
Galaxy in Turmoil
Leo Lukas

The BASIS was captured by the Dosanthi and the crew is on the run, hunted by the ships of the conquerors. The people from the BASIS, converted for peaceful trade, can hardly defend themselves against the massive attack. In addition, the attackers have a special Para-gift, by which a total panic is generated, which the crew can barely escape. Perry Rhodan flees along with Mondra , Pucky, Nemo Partijan and Ramoz aboard the MIKRU-JON .

The semi-intelligent, lynx like being Ramoz falls into a coma due to the effect, and his fur-colored, barely recognizable, elastic cuffs on his hind legs begin to change. They change color into green and begin to form branches and growths that gradually spread over his entire body.

Based upon the emergency protocols of the LFT Perry Rhodan flies with the MIKRU-JON to the nearest Sol type star, since these are intended as a rendezvous point for fleeing ships. The nearest star of the said type is shaken by countless UHF eruptions, leading to health problems in direct sunlight. Therefore, Gucky gives the star the name Morpheus, in reference to the ancient Greek god, because he can perceive no mental activity there. In the space of the system they discover a badly damaged BASIS-Tender that is identified as the CHISHOLM, whose crew is mostly unconscious from the impact of the UHF eruptions.

The MIKRU-JON succeeds in recovering the CHISHOLM from the danger zone and flying with it to the second of the twelve planets of the system, despite a warning message being automatically transmitted from a space fort. This planet is baptized Orontes, by the suggestion of Nemo Partijan, in reference to the ancient name of the river Nahr al-Asi , the "Recalcitrant River", which flows in Lebanon The air of the planet is generally breathable but contaminated with smoke and ash due to a large number of volcanoes. It also has very high temperatures. Even in the month-long polar night minimum temperatures are above 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, the surface contains countless ruined cities and spaceports that have been abandoned for millennia. Nevertheless, they decide to establish a base for the repair of the CHISHOLM and possible other spaceships on this planet.

It remains peaceful at first on the surface. A little later, however, it turns out that there is a great danger hiding in the underworld of Orontes. Countless robots rise out of the ground and attack the Terrans. Thanks to the help of Gucky and Heatha Nero Verde, a TLS agent doing an undercover internship on the ship, they manage to repel the attack. After things settle down, they decide to explore the underground, with Gucky taking the leadů

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-12-07

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