260 - Gespenster der Vergangenheit
Ghosts Of The Past
Kurt Mahr

OLD SUMMARY (Cedric Beust):

The Terrans realize that the Tefrodian transmitter actually sent them within the forbidden area. As the Khrest III is hiding near a planetary system, the Terrans discover a strange planet, inhabited by immortal humans that were kidnapped throughout different eras on the Earth. These Terrans, completely apathetic, seem to have lost all notions of time. Some have been living on this planet -- called History -- for centuries. This human zoo is guarded by Tefrodians who are all alike.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On April 5, 2404 the KHREST III detects transmitter activity in a neighboring system. The Wave-Runners, Rakal and Tronar Woolvers, use the signals and arrive on a planet inhabited by men from different time periods of Terran history. They have been removed from Earth by unknown beings and have been placed on this world. The planet receives the name “History” by the two mutants.

The arrival of the Woolver twins causes significant unrest. A group of Tefrodians arrive in order to restore order. A corvette of the KHREST III lands and takes the two mutants aboard as well as Major Bari Staunder who was brought to History in 2327 during the war with the Blues.

Michael Mahoney

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