26 - Duell der Mutanten
Duel of the Mutants (Ace Title: Mutants vs. Mutants)
Clark Darlton

(1981) One of the stolen destroyers, piloted by a Monterny soldier, attacks a destroyer, flown by cadet Julian "Tiff" Tifflor, on a training flight. Tifflor destroys it. Unbeknownst to Rhodan, another of the stolen destroyers, with Monterny’s most powerful mutant, has reached and is in hiding on Mars.

Back on earth, from his hidden fortress outside Salt Lake City, Utah, Monterny continues his campaign against the New Power. Fellmer Lloyd captures one of Monterny's agents, the Russian Tatjana Michalowna, a telepath who also has the power to block Monterny's hypnotic power. Rhodan exposes her to the super mutant's evil and ruthless true plan, and she agrees to join the New Power. She reveals the super mutant's identity to Rhodan.

Rhodan launches a full-scale attack on Monterny's Utah base. His technology neutralizes Monterny's weapons and his mutant corps conquer Monterny's eleven mutants, including Roster Deegan. Once freed from Monterney's control, all agree to join Rhodan’s mutant corps. Monterny himself escapes in the third destroyer.

Rhodan summons the presidents of the Western Bloc, the Eastern Bloc and the Asiatic Federation to Terrania, and renews his plea that all of human kind must rise above its internecine struggles and unite to face the opportunities and threats of other civilizations elsewhere in the universe, as well as against the machinations of a foe like Clifford Monterny. Moreover, he gives a deadline of one year for the earth’s governments to resolve their differences and form a world government, or Rhodan will use the force at his disposal to impose such unity.

Mark J. Golden 2007-08-28

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