2599 - Der letzte Tag
The Last Day
Marc A. Herren

May 11, 1463 NGE, at exactly 6:57PM: The superintelligence ES launches his death cry. Afterwards, the "last day" dawns. Shortly before this, the Haluter Icho Tolot and the Jaranoc Kardo Tarba negotiated terms of surrender, so that it came to no combat. After the supposed death of ES, it is only a matter of time before VATROX-VAMU will absorb the PARALOX ARSENAL into himself - with unknown consequences. The use of chain fields against the avatar of VATROX-VAMU, however, ensures that the entity is temporarily not able to consume the PARALOX ARSENAL, which is slowly but surely dividing into two spheres.

The superintelligence ES has not passed as thought, but taken refuge in the Concept Fellmer Lloyd / Ras Tschubai, which slowly takes on the familiar figure of the old man of Wanderer. He takes along Perry Rhodan to the planet Gleam, where the avatars of ES and VATROX-VAMU (in the form of Frequency Follower Sinnafoch) fight a duel, where VATROX-VAMU ends up consumed by ES.

They return to the MIKRU-JON, which heads to Wanderer. The Old Man of Wanderer dissolves into a golden light, which goes down to the disc world as a kind of spark shower. The Hyper-cold ends, as does the winter there. The ice and snow melt and Spring breaks out on Wanderer. Perry Rhodan is invited together with Mondra Diamond to the disc world, in order to get answers there. There they meet the New Globists previously incorporated by ES, who are given the choice to return to their former physical life or to remain in the collective consciousness of ES. The greatest part of them choose to remain.

The super-intelligence has, with the help of Atlan as a catalyst, consumed the Psi-matter in the PARALOX ARSENAL and now carries out his secret plan to split into two twin superintelligences: ES and TALIN. Due to the recent events and the division of its thickness concentration, ES had been so weakened that it was threatened with death. Only a further development into a Matter Source would have been a solution, but that would have meant incorporating all living beings in its thickness concentration. By dividing, however, such a development now recedes into the distant future and the thickness concentration is divided instead: ES will continue to hold the local group, while TALIN takes over the distant sites. The disc world Peregrinus, created from the planet Gleam, will henceforth serve as an anchor for TALIN, while ES will continue to rely on Wanderer.

Fellmer Lloyd and Ras Tschubai have merged permanently with ES again, many other mutants such as Betty Toufry are now completely dead and gone. The Trade star JERGALL of Anthuresta is carried into the Milky Way as a gift. Furthermore, with the help of ES and TALIN the new entity VAMU is created from the Vamus of the Vatrox, VATROX-CUUR, VATROX-VAMU, VATROX-DAAG and CHILD, as a separate entity. Shortly afterward VAMU is robbed of all its memories by the two net weavers Radyl and Felna by means of a short transition and then disappears into the vastness of space, joined by many of the Jaranoc Truncated cone ships. A new home will be found for all the remaining Jaranocs.

The future care of Polyport network, is entrusted to the Shadow Maahks, so the network will again be available to all the races. Perry Rhodan plays with the idea of exploring the network and the Polyport galaxies, rather than continuing as Terran Resident.

So ends the Stardust cycle….

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-11-10

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