2598 - Tod einer Superintelligen
Death of a Superintelligence
Marc A. Herren

May 11, 1463 NGE. ES needs to feed on the Psi-matter of the PARALOX-ARSENAL, but VATROX-VAMU and tens of thousands of Jaranoc combat vessels have appeared. The entity still remains passive - apparently he is afraid of failing a second time in the attempt to collect the Arsenal. Meanwhile, the planet Markanu suddenly materializes in Wanderer’s former location within TALIN ANTHURESTA. The disc world of the super-intelligence appears in the hole that ES had eaten through the Dyson shell. At the same time remaining ES mutants in TZA'HANATH force the TALIN ANTHURESTA to fall back into normal space using brute force. But in the process the mutants pay for this success with their lives. Wanderer moves slowly towards the Arsenal, but VATROX-VAMU pushes in between them.

The entity takes on physical form and appears in the shape of an avatar of Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, in order to make Perry Rhodan an offer. Rhodan would help VATROX VAMU to collect the Psi-matter. In return, the entity that has now mentally subjugated the crews of all the Terran ships would pull out of the local group and never bother it again. Rhodan is set down in a fictitious world in which he is located on a bridge between Sinnafoch and Lotho Keraete, where he must decide. He declines the offer of the entity. VATROX-VAMU wants to strike Rhodan down, but he suddenly disappears, because Betty Toufry and Eritrea Kush have brought three Krathvira soul prisons that could be used against the entity. VATROX-VAMU now apparently wants to refresh himself with the Arsenal without Rhodan’s help and approaches it, while Wanderer will probably not get there in time, although it succeeds in performing a transition. The Terran finally gets help from Andromeda : The JULES VERNE and thousands of units of the Galactic fleet arrive.

Betty Toufry calls Perry Rhodan to herself, but when he arrives with MIKRU-JON in their silver ball, she realizes that his lack of a Knight’s aura makes him useless for her mission. The mutant sends Rhodan away and directs her silver sphere directly into the PARALOX-ARSENAL, so that a kind of crack is created – but Betty finds her final death in the process. VATROX-VAMU then takes the form of a battle light and attacks Wanderer. The disc world is devastated and dissolves after a kind of death-cry of the super-intelligence is sounded...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-11-03

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