2597 - Hyperkälte
Christian Montillon

ES continued to eat away at the substance of TALIN ANTHURESTA, ARCHETIM and APHANUR. Then the superintelligence even begins to tap the energy of Sol itself, creating an increasingly large sunspot. This makes the raging hyper-energetic chaos in the Sol system even worse than before. There seems to exist a suction occurring through Markanu , the home world of the Halftrack Changeures, which keeps briefly exchanging places with Wanderer. At the same time seems Gleam transforms into a Discworld through increasing its rotation. Betty Toufry suffers from the hyper-cold of the superIntelligence, with which she is still connected by a mental bond. She believes to realize that there is more behind all this - the agony has to mean something else.

Once they arrive in the Sol system, Betty Toufry and Eritrea Kush watch, as the Para-block of the New-Globists , ES-mutants and Schohaakes collapse so that the ignition command for the fire eye finally gets through. The ball of Psi-matter threatens to explode. ES devours another two hundred million Neo-Globists. The Schohaakes, supported by Betty Toufry, direct Psi-matter from ARCHETIM’S corpse into the existing ball of unstable Psi-matter in the fire eye so that it becomes stabilized. When the fire eye reaches the sun, it is taken in by ARCHETIM’S corpse and then devoured by ES through his tapping beam - along with the Schohaakes, thousands of Spark people, more New-Globists and all the reincarnated mutants except for Betty Toufry and those in TZA'HANATH. The TERRANOVA screen shuts down and the people of the Sol system are again free.

Reginald Bull and Gucky begin the journey with the JULES VERNE-1 and part of the Sol Home Fleet to TALIN ANTHURESTA, where they are certain Perry Rhodan needs their help…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-10-28

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