2596 - Requiem für das Solsystem
Requiem For The Sol System
Christian Montillon

The fire eye has been activated through the TERRANOVA screen and expands. In the Sol system the rampaging psionic storm gets worse. Neo-Globists, ES- mutants and Schohaakes are desperately trying to mitigate its effects and stop the fire eye, but they are growing steadily weaker. Many Globists die as a result of the effort. The Schohaakes tap energy from ARCHETIM’S body and put themselves in the immediate vicinity of the fire eye. They manage to reduce the object back to its original size, which does nothing to reduce its dangerousness. Pucky travels with the ACHILLES through the fog dome of Talanis to Terra, where he and Reginald Bell catch each other up on the latest events.

The LFT-scientists are looking for ways to render the fire eye harmless. CV-Embinium equipped Salkrit resonators are used against the Psi-matter of the fire eye. An unmanned Corvette brings hundreds of such devices to the fire eye, but ends up exploding. Apparently the Schohaakes have something to do with this. In the end, it is determined that the fire eye lost twenty-six grams of Psi-matter in the explosion, and the previously impenetrable TERRANOVA screen was very briefly perforated. To destroy the whole fire eye, now consisting of seven hundred seventy-four grams of Psi-matter, thousands of new Salkrit resonators and tons of CV-Embinium would be needed – and neither of these are available in the Sol system.

Using the Polyport network, Atlan and Pucky penetrate a Trade star of TZA'HANATH. They want to try to take possession of a controller, with which you can control fire eyes. Seven Old Mutants give up their physicality and merge with them to strengthen and protect the two people. It becomes clear that there is an ongoing battle in progress in TZA'HANATH, because Atlan and Pucky are not coming upon any resistance to them. VATROX-VAMU’S presence hinders their progress significantly - Son Okura finds final death on the Trade star. Four controllers are finally retrieved and brought back to Terra. The six remaining Old Mutants stay behind in TZA'HANATH, as they have something else to do there, which they will not give Pucky and Atlan details on.

When Pucky reaches the Earth on May 11, 1463 NGE, he tries using the controllers, but it does not seem to work. Suddenly a hundred million Neo-Globists disappear. Pucky says that ES has forcefully taken them into himself to stave off his death…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-10-21

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