2595 - Wanderer am Scheideweg
Wanderer at the Crossroads
Michael Marcus Thurner

Fearing his death, ES is grabbing for any possible straw. The super-intelligence has apparently degenerated into a being that thinks only of self-preservation and does not care about the collateral damage. First, ES destroys a replica of Ambur-Karbush in the center of TALIN ANTHURESTA and absorbs the energy released by this. Pral later observes how ES destroys the fossilized Anthurianers to strengthen himself on the Psi-matter artifacts hidden inside them. Then ES falls upon individual disc worlds of TALIN ANTHURESTA, as well as the psi-material shell of the Miracle of Anthuresta, which can itself only be saved by a miracle now, and taps into APHANUR’S corpse, so that the planet Markanu threatens to be destroyed.

Pral receives a message from Sichu Dorksteiger that confirms something which he himself has already recognized: the net weavers and the Psi-matter of the Anthurianer artifacts must somehow be related. Meanwhile, a fierce battle rages between the Jaranocs and the last forces of the Frequency Monarchy in TZA'HANATH. In the Stardust system Administrator Whistler informs himself about the latest work in the Hall of One Thousand Tasks. Changes in some of the cartouches in the Hall have been registered, but their significance is still unclear.

The transport of the PARALOX-ARSENAL is further delayed, because the space time suction tunnel Piet Rawland generated is not attuned properly to the ARSENAL and breaks down. Thousands of Jaranoc ships attack and VATROX-VAMU also appears on site. The silver spheres provide the necessary distraction, while a second tunnel is created. The direct transfer to TALIN ANTHURESTA is only possible with the help of a special circuit in the sector bud, and the greatest risk. Since Perry Rhodan still considers his presence there indispensable, he sends Betty Toufry and Eritrea Kush, who volunteer for the mission, to the Sol system with two silver bullets through the Polyport network and Talanis. Sol is still threatened by a fire eye.

Before the ARSENAL can be brought to ES inside the Miracle of Anthuresta, VATROX-VAMU appears again...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-10-12

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