2594 - Begegnung der Unsterblichen
Meeting of the Immortals
Frank Borsch

The Terrans finally have access to the PARALOX ARSENAL. But how is it to be transported almost thirty thousand light years to Wanderer? With the QUEEN OF SAINT LOUIS. Although the Terrans have a suitable transport, the raging hyperstorms in the area complicate the matter considerably. Worse: The incredible amount of psionic matter of the ARSENAL is what is generating the chaos, which means that the storms will be "dragged along", greatly slowing the transport. Piet Rawland wants to produce a screened space-time sucitontunnel to get around the problem. Another suction tunnel would then transport the Psi-matter into the interior of TALIN ANTHURESTA. The construction of the tunnel will take several hours to complete. While waiting, Perry Rhodan receives an unexpected visit. On the advice of Satwa, Sinnafoch wants contact with the Terrans, in order to form an alliance with them against VATROX-VAMU. Satwa has other plans for herself. She assumes that Rhodan will not get involved in a pact with his nemesis. She therefore wants to defect to the Terrans. In order to offer them something, she wants to kidnap Philip to take him along. The Okrill is unconscious and his inductive cell is defective, but there may be residual memories of VATROX-DAAG still stored in the Okrillís mind - and that would certainly be of great value to the Terrans.

With the comparatively pitiful remnant of his fleet, Sinnafoch goes to the Corridor of Anthuresta. Perry Rhodan can be talked into a long conversation with him, but not into an alliance. He does, however, offer to protect the Vatrox and his people from their enemies. Sinnafoch, who has since learned of the re-emergence of the PARALOX ARSENAL, refuses this. A fleet of Jaranoc spaceships suddenly emerges. Satwa attempts her escape, but is intercepted by Sinnafoch. To protect the PARALOX ARSENAL from discovery by VATROX-VAMU, Sinnafoch orders the dispersion of his fleet. He explains to his people that the Frequency Monarchy is done. All his subordinates are free. He has programmed random escape courses for their battle lights. In this way the Jaranoc are to be lured away from the Corridor. Rhodan has to give grudging respect to his nemesis for enabling him the secure removal of the ARSENAL.

With his light battle VAT-DREDAR, Sinnafoch flies to the planet Yenter, a world with an extreme environment similar to Oxtorne. He lands in a sloop carrying himself, Satwa and the Okrill who is gradually awakening. The former Frequency Follower allows the Tefroder clone to go free with the sloop. It is programmed to return to the VAT-DREDAR, which now stands under her command, on his orders. The only restrictions are that the weapons of the VAT-DREDAR are locked for twenty-four hours to prevent her from attacking Sinnafoch, and should Satwa try to defect to the Terrans, the crew is under orders to immediately kill her.

Back on the planet, Philip awakens. He is now again the predator that he was before his domestication and the insertion of the inductive cell. Sinnafoch knows that he is nothing more than prey for the Okrill. Philip responds exactly as Sinnafoch wanted it: he kills the Vatrox and can live out the rest of his natural life here...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-09-30

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