Leo Lukas

Julian Tifflor wanders for millions of years in the Time Spear and collects more Perianth keys , which he succeeds in doing sometimes easily and sometimes only with great difficulty. The more time that he passes penetrating the Spear, the more confused his mind becomes. Crystal dust settles on his body, so that a thin second skin gradually forms which envelops him completely and cannot be removed. A stranger, which he can sometimes see shadowy, helps him in his search. As Tiff gets lost in alcoves and side corridors of the Time Spear and thinks of suicide, he meets his doppelganger, who claims that Tiff has already put the worst behind him. In another time grain, he must use the already collected Perianth key for a robot called Safri-16, in order to allow it to return to its relative present. Tiff gives the robot his notebook, that will later be called the Log Book, to take along. In some unknown way this book will one day become the property of the monarch Duleymon...

The next time grain is empty. Somebody must have siphoned off all its Psi-matter. Only the Perianth key was left behind. In time grain number eighteen Tiff’s detector seems to fail - the Perianth key cannot be located. Then Tiff’s double appears one more time. It turns out that he has the key of this and the last time the two time grains already in his possession, and teleports (or tele-temports ) with Tiff into time grain twenty. Tiff realizes that his supposed doppelganger is actually an Anthurianer called Banlaroguel, who can take on various forms. Tiff learns that the Anthurianers created TALIN ANTHURESTA as an Ark in response to the increased hyperimpedance, brought or created the races on the disc worlds, that Wanderer replaced one of the local disc worlds, that ESTARTU only separated from ES through the spiritualization of fifty million Anthurianers (known as the Great Song), and that sometime after being trapped in the time grain Banlaroguel was the one that drove Fogudare insane, trying to make him listen to a warning about the Vatrox betrayal.

Banlaroguel has a plan. He wants to release the PARALOX ARSENAL again in the past and cause a time paradox. He wants the creation of the Time Spear and the Corridor of Anthuresta undone, to save his people from the Vatrox. Tifflor is intended to serve as a tool, for Banlaroguel can penetrate only a few time grains from his, and constantly drains his power. Tiff is charged with Psi-matter and his cellular activator suddenly starts working again. The Terran also receives a post-hypnotic block from Banlaroguel and is transported to Duleymon. Tiff takes the final key from her. All twenty keys fit together automatically. Tiff now has full control over all the time grains. Using his crystal skin, he succeeds in breaking Banlaroguel’s influence. The defeated disembodied Anthurianer thereupon kills himself in his despair.

Tiff now faces a dilemma: if he recomposes all the grains time again, it means the end of all the beings in the Time Spear. If he refuses to do so, then ES will die. Therefore, he isolates a small amount of Psi-matter to stabilize the crusts. Then he makes various arrangements that will result in closing his time loop so that he is the one who enters the Time Spear. Then he reopens the passage into the standard universe for himself and appears on MIKRU-JON where his friends are already worried because Tanio Ucuz had returned without locating Tifflor.

For Perry Rhodan, Tiff is now a stranger. His ten million year walk has changed him – and it is not only his blue crystal second skin which reminds Rhodan of a higher being or a messenger of the Powers of Order. Luckily he is not as mysterious as these entities, but speaks openly about what he has experienced.

On May 11, 1463 NGE eighteen time grains appear and combine to form a one thousand eighty-eight kilometer wide spherical object made of pure Psi-matter….

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-09-23

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