2592 - Im Zeitspeer
In the Time Spear
Leo Lukas

Julian Tifflor is chosen by the mysterious voice to enter the time spear. Perry Rhodan , Icho Tolot and Lotho Keraete jump in after him, but they are thrown back. The mutants received an order to search for Tifflor. Tanio Ucuz perceives an energetic connection into which he can slip.

Meanwhile, Tifflor rematerializes in a locked room, which turns out to be in the first time grain, located three hundred thousand years in the past. An artificial being in the form of a Darturka that calls himself Barbican, brings the Terran out of the room and leads him into a landscape in which various creatures cavort. Among others meets the siblings Krepsh and Velrit , ninety centimeter tall beings that look like a cross of Battle Orderly and Singuva to Tiff. They know exactly who he is - Tiff's appearance was predicted since time immemorial in the Log Book. Following the prophecy, the two escort the Terran to a KyBarrack , where he is to be "treated". He is delivered to Urga Chremtaka, a large reptilian being that knows about his still non-functional cell activator. The lizard uses his technology to analyze the unique signature of Tiff’s cell activator and emits a corresponding beam of radiation from the time grain, which will appear in a different time period so that a hyperflash appears in the Corridor of Anthuresta, which will disable Tiff’s cell activator. Tiff thereby - albeit unintentionally - created the conditions for his own current situation.

Tiff's next destination is the "Great Barrier", a decaying battle light of the Frequency Monarchy. There he meets a female Vatrox called Duleymon the Sixty-seventh, who rules this time grain. From her he learns that the time grains are connected by a sort of corridor, and that they have torn parts of inhabited worlds in it, enclosed in zero-field bubbles that accumulated around them like "scabs". Later on beings still enter these crusts, because spaceships were occasionally sucked in. Duleymon and at least sixty-six generations of her ancestors have been waiting for Tiff's arrival, as only he is able to walk through the corridor and retrieve the Perianth-keys hidden in all the time grains. The fragmentation of the PARALOX-ARSENAL into twenty grains was a security measure, and only with the Perianth-keys can one get access to the control equipment of the time grains. Of course, the key controlling a particular time grain is not to be found in that same time grain. Duleymon wants Tiff to bring all the keys to her so that she can unite the time grains together again and return the PARALOX-ARESNAL to her people. All the previous attempts to cross the corridor, have failed because going the whole length of the corridor takes millions of years, while only a few hours pass in the time grains. High level technology does not work in the corridor, but it is flooded with vital energy that will charge Tifflor’s cell activator, making sleep and food intake unnecessary and can keep everything that Tiff wears on his body intact. Tiff reads all about this in the Log Book. He is not even particularly surprised when he finds that he himself has written this book ... will have written it.

Tifflor takes on the job, enters the corridor and marches in it for thousands of years. In the corridor there is nothing and nobody but corpses and the remains of the robots previously sent out - Tiff is totally dependent upon himself. Duleymon gave him a detector, with which he can locate a key once he is in a time grain. He succeeds in various time grains after mastering various difficulties. One of the keys is in the body of a bizarre being named Banifour Crumplei, who was once the Orbiter of the Knight of the Depth Cryel Des Laox. Banifour seems to know Tiff. He accepts the fact that he must die for Tifflor to retrieve the key inside him. Crumplei has one last wish. Should Tifflor ever meet Perry Rhodan again - he must tell Perry to fight for his Knight’s aura. Once Tifflor retrieves the key, he heads back into the corridor…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-09-13

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