2591 - Im Auftrag der Superintelligenz
Order of the Superintelligence
Michael Marcus Thurner

A worm-like object is ejected from Lotho Keraete’s mouth and jumps onto Julian Tifflor. This thing is a kind of "security module" of the metal man, which can remain active even after his death. It has a self-consciousness, bears the name of Deep-One and shares with Tifflor how Keraete can be brought back to life. Once that's done, Deep One returns to Keraete. Together, they talk about how the current situation has come to be.

On February 22, 1291 NGE Lotho Keraete became the new messenger in the services of ES. On August 17, 1323 NGE ES showed him the Stardust system in Anthuresta and the developing Sextadim-veil. After moving millions of Terrans into this new home, and the shutting of the Teletrans point on November 13, 1346 NGE Keraete travels with a silver sphere to the part of Anthuresta with the Corridor where there is an asteroid that ESTARTU had set up as an observation station equipped with a fictive transmitter, Sextadim-veil, a Time transformer and some kind of giant plant. Before her separation from ES, ESTARTU had (with the help of the Anthurianers) found that the Corridor had emerged from a disaster ten million years ago, that led to the dematerialization of all the suns and planets in that area. In the Corridor there are several so called zero-field bubbles, which “exist in the future” and are also called time grains. The first time grain can be traced to the moment of the disaster. In their entirety, the zero-field bubbles form the time spear.

ES already knew that the Psi-matter collected in the PARALOX ARSENAL would soon be vital, and sent Keraete to find the ARSENAL. He travels back to the year 297,388 BC, that time in which the last time grain was formed and VATROX-VAMU tried to access the ARSENAL still positioned at that time in the center of TZA'HANATH. Just like TALIN ANTHURESTA it is anchored in the Psionic net. Keraete goes to the Trade star TAQARAN in Andromeda. Very near is the Frost Ruby which briefly materialized before being anchored by the Porleyters, and due to this event the TAQARAN had fallen back into the standard universe. The Hathors Yuga and Marduk Lethos, of the Andury which will evolve into the Elfahders one day, appear to investigate the station. Also located in the vicinity is the planet Gleam. Before he identifies himself as a high-ranking representative to TAQARAN, Keraete makes a trip to this planet. When he returns to the station, though, he is denied admission to the Trade star. TAQARAN is being flooded with more and more Psi-matter and transforms into a beacon, which attracts VATROX-VAMU. The entity consumes the Psi-matter and attacks Lotho’s silver sphere, which, however, can resist his attacks. The result of all this activity is that an umbilical cord forms between TAQARAN and the ARSENAL, which Keraete flies into, pursued by VATROX-VAMU. The entity tries to influence Keraete mentally. Deep-One turns into, among others, Keraete’s long dead lover Negra Tolt in order to motivate the metal man to resist the entity. Keraete uses the Sextadim veil to seal off the Psi-matter, after which the umbilical cord dissolves and VATROX-VAMU disappears.

Deep-One activates the time transformer in order to return them to the future. Only it results in the disaster, by which the ARSENAL is divided into time grains and the Corridor is formed. The ARSENAL is thrown ten million years into the past, where large amounts of Psi-matter are separated into twenty sections, which are embedded in zero field bubbles without their own time. These time grains spread along the vector directed into the past and make up the time spear. The vast majority came to rest in Anthuresta. Through this event all the suns and planets in a many light years wide area are displaced in hyperspace, where they probably fizzle out. Keraete is placed in hyper-stasis by Deep-One.

This ends Keraete’s report. Somehow, the Time transformer is still active and connected to something in the wandering moon in which Keraete was found embedded in. This is the last chance to salvage the Psi-matter of the ARSENAL and retrieve it into the relative present. With a silver ball Perry Rhodan , Tifflor, Icho Tolot and Keraete reach the inside of the moon. ESTARU’S plant is still there and it takes control of Keraete’s silver sphere and forms a kind of gate with it. Then it mentally speaks to them. It proclaims that only one person could pass through the gate. Immense suffering, strains and a need for patience await the chosen one.

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-08-30

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