2590 - Der Tote und der Sterbende
The Dead and the Dying
Michael Marcus Thurner

Piet Rawland experiences problems with the consciousness of the sector bud. He had wanted to make the consciousness more animated, to have it show more independence and give him someone to talk to. However, as a result the sector bud becomes rebellious and refuses to cooperate with the gunslinger. It does not want to recognize him as its commander. In the artificially created environment of a wild west town it comes to a duel between Rawland and the resistance of the sector bud personified in the form of Rawland’s grandmother. The gunslinger uses a dirty trick which Grandma Henri had taught him herself, and defeats his opponent. The artificial intelligence finally submits to him.

Meanwhile, it is May 10, 1463 NGE. The Sicatemo Alliance has recaptured Markanu. They find out that the body of APHANUR is reacting to an unknown external influence. The Corridor of Anthuresta, the scene of violent battles between the Vatrox and Jaranoc, as well as the search of the Terrans for the time grains of the PARLOX-ARSENAL, is flashed across by an immense hyperflash. Hypercrystals materialize along its light year-wide range. A disc world – possibly Wanderer – becomes temporarily visible there. Nevertheless, it is announced from TALIN ANTHURESTA that all the disc worlds are still in place. After a second, weaker hyperflash Julian Tifflor's cell activator chip stops working. Tiff now has left only a little bit more than sixty hours, before he will disintegrate into dust. He has the suspicion that that ES has taken the vital energy from the cell activator for himself, but Perry Rhodan’s and Icho Tolot’s cell activators are still working.

Tolot locates hyperradiation whose pulse sequence seems familiar to the Terrans. It seems to be related to the radiation of the Psiqs in the Cosmonucleotide DORIFER and remarkably resembles that of the mini black hole Anansar whose emitted radiation the Nakken owe their special abilities to. Rhodan assumes that it is a trail laid out specifically for the Terrans. Only one person could have originated this: Lotho Keraete who had supposedly died in the search for the PARALOX-ARSENAL. Tolot knows the source of the hyperradiation. It is the moon on which Kardo Tarba and Rekner Lurrio had fought their duel. Fleets of the Jaranoc and Vatrox are deployed there, in the meantime. Silver spheres go there and lure away the enemies. In this way the Terrans have just enough time to retrieve a rock lump which shows the same energy signature as a Sextadim-veil.

Directed by Tanio Ucuz, Rence Ebion carefully disintegrates lumps of the rock with his Para-gift layer around layer, until a five meter wide ball appears. It is an Oldtimer silver sphere, and wrapped up by a Sextadim-veil. When Perry Rhodan touches the veil, it dissolves. The silver sphere shrivels to its inert size of a few centimeters and ejects a humanoid shape: Lotho Keraete. The putatively dead messenger of ES opens his eyes and mouth. A worm-like shape comes out of his mouth and heads directly for Tifflor…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-08-19

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