259 - Der unheimliche Roboter
The Uncanny Robot
H.G. Ewers

OLD SUMMARY (Cedric Beust):

As the war between Tefrodians and Maahks tilt in favor of the Tefrodians, whose anti-polar gun turns out to be more efficient than the Maahks convert guns, Rhodan tries to use the captured Tefrodian starship as a Trojan horse to break into their realm. But the Tefrodians send this ship for repair through a giant transmitter. The attempt is a complete failure and Rhodan and his men will only barely escape. The Khrest III, which also went through the transmitter, is uncovered and followed by a whole Tefrodian fleet. The Terrans eventually lose their pursuers.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The psy-robot Log, capable of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and other unusual-faculties, receives the nickname of “Lucky” on behalf of Pucky. On March 28, 2404, Log announces to the cosmic engineer Kalak that his constructors, the Gene Modulators, descended from the Paddlers, who had changed into the collective intelligence of the planet Bengal.

On March 30 the ASKAHA is still in the Atrun System. Suddenly, the vessel is picked up by the annular field of a "situation transmitter". It has been activated after the space battle against the Maahks in order to gather shipwrecks. The Tefrodian cruiser is transported into the binary system of Redeye. A tractor-beam brings the vessel onto the fifth planet named Terminus (Terminal). A five-dimensional field produced by the KHREST III disrupts the link with the transmitter. P ucky and Log teleport themselves into the central positronic of the planet Terminus. Log succeeds in damaging it and the Terrans trapped on the ASKAHA are able to escape back to the KHREST III.

Michael Mahoney

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