2589 - Tod der Frequenzfolge
Death of the Frequency Followers
Arndt Ellmer

Using the observatory of the Oldtimers on Cataract, Sichu Dorksteiger observes how the fighting is developing in Anthuresta in real time.

The Jaranocs have not still discovered the last Hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy. When VATROX-DAAG intervenes, the Vatroxes seem to keep the upper hand, but then VATROX-VAMU appears. Hibernation-7 and -8 are promptly discovered and destroyed, before the converted Trade stars can be completely evacuated. Now there will be no more rebirth for the Vatroxes whose clones are all destroyed. VATROX-DAAG sends two fire eyes against his nemesis, but VATROX-VAMU simply soaks up the Psi-matter and becomes even stronger. VATROX-VAMU has also presumably taken up the Vamus of all the Vatroxes that died on the Hibernation worlds into himself. Almost all the battle lights, as well as the sector buds, are destroyed. Nevertheless, VATROX-VAMU spares the infrastructure of the Polyport network and TZA'HANATH. VATROX-DAAG flees and is traced by VATROX-VAMU to the Polyport court ESHDIM-3. There VATROX-DAAG brings another ninety-six fire eyes to explode. The court is destroyed, but VATROX-VAMU again takes up most of the energy into himself. Then he devours VATROX-DAAG himself.

Sinnafoch has observed these events. It is clear to him that the Frequency Monarchy does not exist anymore in its old form. Only a few tens of thousands of battle lights are still available to him. Satwa, however, claims that all hope is still not lost. She speaks of an option which they had not thought of up till now...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-07-30

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