2588 - Aufmarsch der Titanen
Onslaught of the Titans
Arndt Ellmer

The Frequency Monarchy is waging a two front war in Anthuresta against the Jaranocs and VATROX-VAMU on one side and the Terrans on the other. Two Frequency Followers on Hibernation-8 receive new orders. Ellonit is to fly with the SCITON and nine other battle lights to the Polyport court ESHDIM-3 in order to recapture it. Fyeran is to conduct the defense of the Hibernation worlds. Hibernation-8 is a converted Trade star, three kilometers in diameter. There it comes to incidents with the Referrors. The artificial beings are behaving strangely and may be falling apart. It turns out that VATROX-DAAG has withdrawn his entire mental substance from the Hiberation world for fight against VATROX-VAMU, so that the Vamus of deceased Vatroxes no longer receive their bearing signal. The panic of Vmaus is carrying over to the Referrors.

Since ESHDIM-3 is protected by net weavers, Ellonit’s attack fails. He loses all his memories, as they are sucked up by a net weaver. In this situation Sinnafoch orders the launch command for the two hundred twenty-five sector buds that are owned by the Frequency Monarchy. They should protect TZA'HANATH and the last two Hibernation worlds. At the same time more fire eyes are requested. VATROX-DAAG’S splinter in the body of Okrill Philip gives Sinnafoch the order to fly to ESHDIM-3. He is accompanied by Satwa. He also cannot do anything there. Meanwhile, more and more Truncated cone ships appear in a specific staging area, from where they continue to fly their missions.

VATROX-VAMU'S large scale attack on the last Hibernation worlds begins. Countless Truncated cone ships attack Hibernatino-7. The hundred sector buds stationed there at first appear to have an easy time with the Jaranocs. But then an unknown influence takes effect, by which they seem to become disoriented. It goes similarly for the battle lights. Many sector buds and battle lights are destroyed. Finally, the planet Hibernation-7 is destroyed. Millions of Vatroxes die - the fate of their Vamus is uncertain, because due to the absence of VATROX-DAAG, they will probably not find their way to Hibernation-8, whose position is not yet known to the Jaranocs.

All these operations are observed in real time by Sichu Dorksteiger, Fyrt Byrask and Sean Legrange from the Oldtimer observatory on Cataract…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-07-20

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