2587 - Krieg der Schneise
War in the Corridor
Christian Montillon

After the stabilization of TALIN ANTHURESTA and a sufficient supply of combat ships is taken care, Perry Rhodan flies with the QUEEN OF ST. LOUIS into the Corridor of Anthuresta in order to begin the search for the time grains of the disintegrated PARALOX-ARSENAL. Icho Tolot and Kardo Tarba, each steering a silver sphere, meanwhile, watch the attack of thousands of truncated cone ships of the Jaranoc on TZA'HANATH. As it seems, VATROX-VAMU has given the command for a decisive blow against the Frequency Monarchy, so it comes to combat throughout all of Anthuresta. When there are signs of a crushing defeat of the Jaranoc by the Frequency Monarchy at the research center, Kardo Tarba asks his master to prevent a massacre. The Haluter uses the superior powers of the silver spheres to intimidate the Vatrox. With the threat of destroying the last two Hibernation worlds, he moves the Vatrox – who apparently believed Tolot’s assertion, that Perry Rhodan's troops are a more terrible danger than the Jaranocs – to allow the last Truncated cone ships to escape.

Tolot makes the decision to act as a peacemaker and end more space battles. Tarba is initially not fond of the idea, of saving not only Jaranoc but also Vatrox lives, but still supports Tolot. With Rhodan’s consent Eritrea Kush temporarily takes Tolot’s place in coordinating the remaining silver spheres in the search for the time grains. Before Tolot and Tarba leave to find a new battle to intervene in, they are contacted by of a battle light. It is the research ship FRUKETT, and it is entirely in the hands of the Ators - scientists who have been working there. Since they were being treated like prisoners after the outbreak of fighting, they have rebelled against their “allies”, under the leadership of Cartento Milian and his companion Chana Tiralto. All the Vatroxes and Darturkas were killed, but some of the Ators also fell. Cartento now asks for asylum. The Ators are willing to work for the Terrans. Rhodan has no objection to this. The FRUKETT is then brought into the sector bud.

Tolot and Tarba then try to stop another space battle. This time they contact the Jaranocs. Tarba appeals to their honor to get them to stop destroying the helpless battle lights. Rekner Lurrio , the squadron commander, is not impressed by this. Tarba then calls him out to a duel to the death. This takes place a little later on a stray planetoid and ends with Tarba’s victory. He calls upon his fellow Jaranocs, to disassociate themselves from VATROX-VAMU as he had. He does not receive an answer from them, but at least the Jaranocs pull back. Unfortunately, the Vatroxes take the opportunity to immediately go on the attack and destroy some Truncated cone spaceships. Tolot and Tarba blame themselves for this and engage the battle lights with their silver spheres. All the battle lights are destroyed. As several ships explode on the stray planetoid, Tolot’s silver sphere locates an indeterminate impulse...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-07-06

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